Saturday, September 20, 2008

You are really not that important

There exists a specific group of game blogger's, a group who believes that they mean something in the infinite sphere of the web.

They either report on gaming and treat it as if it is news, but are more fanboy and child like in their fervor as to support arguments of their belief with words of attack and ridicule than to discuss the actual argument in the first place. Usage of the word "ass" is profusely inundated within their arguments as to make one wonder of their "preferences".

They are so addicted to gaming that they again like the above blogger approach the games with such fervor, that if one word is mentioned that opposes their game of choice, they lose all capability to discuss the subject at hand, and tend to misspell words at an enormous rate. They believe it is ok to attack games they do not play but, attack their game of choice and then they turn ugly.

There are those who profess "I graduated college with a 4.0 GPA, twice! No, you are not smarter than me", who attacks another person about a subject that they are actually as guilty of as the party they blame. And due to this ability to not recognize their own hypocritical nature, usually uses the words "Comprehension" to explain an issue with an argument when they actually do not understand. They are of the TL:DR generation.

Yet, all of these blogger's have a particular issue. Each have argued for a game they believe to be innovative and unique, when it is a retread of older games to begin with.
The issue is not so much their inability to see this, but to continue to take the argument of this "innovation" and then drive it home on every other blogs comments section, arguing with more popular blogger's or blogger's who really understand the concept of either humor or the concepts of the games, and creates a more readable space on the internet.

In so many words arguing with a blogger and attacking that blogger, who is just enjoying their time on the web and writing their feelings, what a blog is in the first place, about the same exact thing they are doing in the first place.

Hypocritical blogging at its finest

Some great blogs you may wish to visit which understand the right concepts of blogging and the blogosphere...

West Karana
Pumping Irony
Kill Ten Rats

These are fine examples of good blogging. They stick to their subject. If comments are made on their blog they are argue the reason of the comment and not resort to personal attack or slander.

This sounds like such serious talk for something that should be fun or enjoyable. And it should be.
But, sometimes when a blogger oversteps their bounds and use words of hate or are plain "mean" and attack others within this web community, they believe this proves they are a higher authority on the subject.

They really just a have a "stick up their arse".

You are less important than you think. I am but a blip on this trail of 1's and 0's. You only prove your inadequate nature just by each time you write about your subject in such a hype ridden fanboyish way.

Really stick to what your blog should be about. Gaming in general. If someone does not like your game then roll with it.

You really are not that important.