Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Warhammer Online: Your money or your sub mister...

So, the days are winding down on the huge financial debacle from Mythic/EA/Bioware this past weekend.
I personally was NOT affected. I also took action and did not let them get me. I cancelled the credit card on file and cancelled my sub.

I WILL use time cards though.

Thats right. I am NOT leaving.

And really. Would I have left if this happened? There is no doubt it is upsetting when something like this takes place. Many people were hurt by this (bouncing checks, late bills, true embarrassment, like one story of a Father who could not pay for his kids lunch at Pizza Hut on Friday thanks to this). But, for myself, I know it is an "error". Companies make them, and at the same time, they can rectify them.

How many were truly affected?

Mythic was quick to try and get this fixed. It was not perfect. The payments did not get charged back until after the weekend, leaving some stranded, etc. But, the company DID make every effort to help.
They personally faxed banks, made calls, and did what was possible, for what I assume is a small team.

But, should they be forgiven? I, for example, am out 16 bucks for an overnight of a new Credit Card through my bank. I am 100% ATM/Debit carded. I do not use checks. Luckily, I also have a backup account. Many others were not so lucky. The pain and suffering is insurmountable for some.

If anything, the lesson here is to avoid giving Mythic your info, and using Time Cards. Now, Mythic needs to make a decision on what to do. They have been quite silent since this started. Will there be some type of "lets kiss and make up" situation at hand? Free game time maybe?

Eventually someone has to fess up, and something needs to be done. If my meal is bad at a restaurant, they make sure it is fixed. If my cable bill is screwed up, they make amends. Mythic is no different. They NEED to make those arrangements.

The silence right now to many is deafening. Should Mythic or EA be talking yet?

The next two weeks will help me decide though.

Can I enjoy a game from a company who has not decided just how important it's customer is yet?


kaozz said...

I am glad that the credit card I used when I played was actually canceled (due to another game billing issue).

I think it was really a horrible thing that happened and I don't blame people one bit for being angry. I do also feel for Mythic though, this will be hard for some to get over.

Unknown said...

Indeed, Mythic have been trying to get along and tighten the bond between them and their community, with the monthly letter, the forums, the blogger visit, the lot. This did not help things one bit.

It amazes me how similar and yet how different the world can be. Across the pond, business as usual, everyone hyped about the city changes and whatnot.

I personally don't own a credit card. I make mock ones to pay for my subs. Yes, it's totally legal, it's a system we have. :) So even if disaster had struck here too, they'd be billing a card with 6 euros left in it.

Scarybooster said...

I'm thinking I will use game cards from now on for any game.