Friday, May 21, 2010

Warhammer Online: Wrong Server? I choose you...

I have been pretty quiet here as I have been playing like a loon in Warhammer Online. The game really has me captivated, and I enjoy the RvR. Being I am NOT a PvP'er, this has really become a major change of pace.

But, there comes a time in every game where you find out (especially being new to the game) that you made a bad decision.

That Decision? Choosing the wrong server.

Of course, at the time I started, the game was bustling. Numbers were up compared to previous months (even the last year). I had no issues getting into groups, and RvR was prevalent and meaningful.

Several things happened. Billing errors, down times and other concerns like websites being sued, etc. all bringing down populations.

Then I also hit Tier 3.

I am currently on the Iron Rock server. To get an idea of population there, head to Warhammer Census. Though not a perfect tool, it DOES show an alarming difference between Iron Rock and the other servers that are active. To be precise, the most active is Badlands. In the tier I am in, there is almost double the number of players on Badlands than on Iron Rock.
The Tier 3 Scenario's (SC) and Open RvR (ORvR) have been slim pickings for me. I can never get an SC to pop when I play in T3 (but, this is of course me not playing in Prime Time either). If I can play evenings, I join Warbands. But, they are never quite full. When that happens, Destruction comes through and steam rolls those teams when Order attempts to take over a keep.

This had been noted by many players of the game about the Tier 2 and 3 doldrums, but I did not think it would hit such a wall. They lured me in with the super fun PvP, and then finally took it away from me at that next to final tier. When I am playing, if I do not mix up PvE with RvR, then WAR becomes a major drag.  All PvE = snooze fest.

Now, it has been told to me through the forums that I should move on, grind PvE and get out of T3 as fast as possible through the last content update WAR had, Land of the Dead (LoTD). But, as I said, PvE could get boring. LoTD luckily is more fun than standard PvE due to so many areas to fight in, dangerous mobs to contend with and a neat looking zone to boot. But, this also leads to a gear discrepancy when I do hit T4. But, I can hide in RvR lakes, and hope I can muster some Renown levels to get my RvR score up and get the gear.

I am at a crossroads. I do not have much longer before I take a break from WAR and head to Age of Conan. Mythic offers no character transfers for new I sit stuck on Iron Rock. I could start anew on Badlands...but that then puts me back to square one again.

Do I take it on the chin and just muddle through until time is up, or do I have another avenue I do not see here?



Scarybooster said...

I'm feeling the pain I felt when I first started playing WAR. I don't feel the need to log into the game.

Elleseven said...

I guess I'm lucky since I chose Badlands as my server for my lvl 16 zealot. I have no problems getting in warbands or joining scenarios. Not as quick as tier 1 was with the abundance of free accounts, but pretty darn good otherwise. My order witch hunter is on Gorfang and the waits are pretty good also. Being that you are tier 3 I think I would just push through to to tier 4 rather than re-level. Unless you want to try a different type of character.

Sharon said...

Honestly, that's just the way WAR is. I played for over a year, and I can't tell you how many times I server-hopped (or had free transfers offered) to stay where the population was. My longest stay was on the Phoenix Throne RP server, which was once the most populated and has since been retired. So this month's high pop server could be dead in another month as people start rolling alts elsewhere when they can't find adequate RvR in their tier.

There also tends to be a tidal thing within tiers. Sometimes, you'll go through a tier and the RvR will always be hopping, due to a healthy population and quality leadership. Then you can take an alt through that same tier a month later and there will be a lull.

I loved WAR, but it needs a healthy population to be fun, and population fluctuation is something that Mythic has never really found an adequate solution for.

Wasdstomp said...

The only time tier2, 3, and 4 were beneficial to level in rvr was at release if you were on a high pop server.

Once you hit t4 it won't be worth trying to do scenarios. You will be one shotted by RR80's, and after a few 100 xp, 32 renown 15 minute scenarios you will soon discover you are forced to pve.

If they ever decide to break up tier 4 so level 40 is in scenarios by themselves and the 28-39 can battle it out it may work.

If you look at the stats though. There just isnt the population support in tier 2, or 3 really to get scenarios to pop.

It really sucks because like with my SH on IR I had to pve ffrom tier 2 to 4, and ended up with some stupid rr of around 30ish. You can imagine how wearing greens, and 30 renown points gets you. It is a painful, and horrible experience.

That is why 100% renown needs to come back. Isn't it end game that they want? They even answered in the q and a that all their focus is in tier 4 so they should be doing whatever at all costs to make the trip from tier 1 to 4 as painless as possible.

Servers go in spurts. Dark Crag which I was on was always the leader in population. We always had 500+ online every night, and probably closer to 1000 if I remember correctly.

Than after everyone went to Aion IR was the server to be on, and now it seems it is badlands. As soon as one side starts dominating than that server will die. It is a sad thing that happens to every server.

Anyways you were like a WAR fanboi a few weeks ago, and now you are as bitter as I am it seems.

Laurensacc said...

Rank up to40 and get the primeval epics those are on par with invader set. Did the same on my chosen