Friday, October 1, 2010

Why now?

I could go on and on about this for hours.

But, I think now is a good time to return. The past year has been quiet it seems in the MMO industry. No major releases (except for one), no major upheavals or changes (except for one)...

But, that is changing.

With a shutdown of a prominent title (APB) and the release of a major name (Final Fantasy), I guess there needs to be an intemperant voice among the masses.

Why did I leave (again...)? I don't wish to discuss it. Really. Why should I? What remains to be seen is how the blogger universe will handle me returning.

So, for now...keep an eye out, as I may eventually have something to say.

Like an Anthony Bourdain of the MMO bloggerverse...Will I be "Good Openedge" or "Bad Openedge"..


jeff said...

Welcome back! Anthony Bourdain rules so +1 for the reference (although never watch the guy if you're determined to lose weight!!!). AoC seems dead TBH. PvE games are a dime a dozen. So what is your new focus?

Longasc said...

Instead of trying to piss nobody off and to be everybody's darling, it is about time that people speak their mind again.

You are welcome!

Stabs said...

Welcome back! Either Openedge should prove interesting reading.

Jayedub said...

Just wanted to throw in my welcome back to you as well!