Saturday, January 2, 2010

Divinity 2 - Media Blowout

Well, I finally pulled my head up from my screen to take a moment to give you all a post.

As you know, I got a bit lucky and got my copy of Divinity 2 early. Well, thanks to a slower week at work, and some days off, I have been pummeling that disc and playing the hell out of this title.

I am truly addicted.

Anyways, I want to write a bit more on this, and what makes this game work for me as a fun RPG and the type of game I have been wanting since Witcher almost 2 years ago... from my perspective. But, for now, how about some pics and videos instead.

First up, a page of Screenshots over at Xfire. There is no in game screenshot function..but, thanks to Xfires tools, I was able to grab some for you. Hope you enjoy the gallery.

Divinity 2 Gallery

I have posted several videos there also. I just started using Xfire for this purpose, and had forgotten to load the sound, a few are quiet. But, here is an example of one video that quickly shows an idea of how the "puzzles" work in the game. The lead up to this is one hallway in the dungeon I was in was blocked, so I had to go another way. I reach the end of this hall, and find the following puzzle.


Here is another quick combat video. This shows the quick pause and target system, along with my hybrid make up of Ranger, Wizard and Melee.

Hopefully I will have more to show you soon. There is a LOT in this game that we are not even scratching, from your own tower (think of it like housing), basic crafting, demon making and more.

Cheers and Happy 2010!


jeff said...

Alright bastard...going to download the demo now. Just what I needed after the binge of the Steam sale...; )

Scott said...

I tried the 360 demo last week. Showed a ton of potential but it was just too rough around the edges for me so I'll be passing.

I've heard the PC version rocks though, so glad you're enjoying it there!

Openedge1 said...


Well, as we are finding out, the reason for the issue with the Xbox 360 version (as well as the PC version for some...glad I am a geek) is that the release date was set for the 29th of December. Come to find out, that it was a broken street date by Gamestop for year end.
Seems the REAL release date was Jan. 5th, 2010.
A patch is already ready to go for ZERO day release...but, seeing Gamestop screwed up, the patch is NOT ready and passed QA yet, thus, issues abound.

Luckily, I figured out some display and launch issues, and fixed those. Still have shut down issues, and certain codecs for video playback break the sound...but, I fixed those as well.
So, it basically has been player heaven for me.
I play for hours on end, and just can't put it down. So, sorry the 360 demo did not fare well.


Longasc said...

Thank you for the screenshot gallery! Larian Studioes did not make as much advertising, but their game apparently rocks. Divinity I was already a very good game, but it struggled with the very same issue, very few people knew it at all.