Wednesday, January 20, 2010

If I was playing an MMO...

...I would have more to write about.

And this is true. It seems that whenever I start to play a single player game (RPG, Action, etc..) my posting habits seem to diminish.

Why is that?

My guess leads to the "problems" of these games...laying blame on issues or concerns... whether it is gameplay, developers, name it, MMO's have them in spades. Yet, while playing Single Player games, I just do not feel the need to discuss it.
During my Age of Conan stint, I had discussions of changes, developer screw ups and what not. When I was playing EQ2, I could discuss the world, etc.. which as I can see discussion has to do with community, the worlds we play in when in an MMO and the overall social aspects.

Currently my game time is filled with Dragon Age, Divinity 2, and even played The Witcher (but, I did load up Guild never knows how that will go...son has shown an interest)...but, overall, MMO land has really been a downer. So, I have no need to discuss guilds, the world, or anything that most people could just read in a review anyways.

Take today for example.

I decided to go check how good Age of Conan has been doing on Xfire, and saw it had dropped to #83. Truly the lowest spot it has been yet AND 30 spots down from last week.
Guess people are tired of waiting for updates....and I can see why. It has been months since the last update, and there is really not much new to do. But, the family is holding on to time cards for when new patches they better get on that road quick. The game is failing dismally.

I have not closed up shop yet in the blogging world, but no MMO means nothing to rant or rave about. Guess I better hope something happens very soon.



Anonymous said...

Do what I do, take screens and post about what you are doing in the single player games

Sente said...

MMOs are weird beasts indeed. I guess that part of the reason we write about these games is that there some kind of dialog between players and the companies making the game - even if it is limited.

And we can write about things which not only involve ourselves, but others also.
And perhaps since we spend more time with MMOs than with other games, we easier reach a stage where we just have to write something.

Jason said...

"Do what I do, take screens and post about what you are doing in the single player games."

I totally agree. There aren't enough blogs out there right now that talk about single player gaming anyway.

It might make for a good change of pace.

Jason (former resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive)

Stabs said...

Is there something on the horizon for you? Star Trek Online would tempt me if my MMO time wasn't taken by other games.

esoteric said...

Actually it's back at #51.

That was a strange spike, it's been consistently mid to early 50s for at least the last month.

It's unfortunate that you chose that particular time to check, but that is not at all representative of the average spot the game has been holding.

The game is not failing, merges are next week and they are pushing to get T3 and guild renown out the door as soon as possible after the merges. Also there is some wonderful new PvP content on testlive, and pvp towers still in the works.

Openedge1 said...

Good comments. Thanks all.

I plan to do a follow up to this post about the single Player games.

As to some comments.

@Stabs - No there is nothing at this time, as 2010 looks dismal. I am not a Sci-Fi fan, so STO is out (and I have a feeling it will not do well anyways). I did hear Hellgate may relaunch as a Free to play...and that interests me. I am also interested in Age of Conan still, just not the developer and how they are wrecking the game.

@esoteric - I do recognize you as the Funcom/Age of Conan cheerleader from the forums, so it is hard for me to believe what you have to say as you do not have an open mind.

As to the Xfire spike, I did find out it was due to the Euro servers going down (and that was a huge drop for just the Euro servers...wonder how the US servers outage today will look).
As to "not failing"...uh, merges mean not enough players to fill how can merges be considered a GOOD thing...
As to pushing the T3 and Guild Renown...just HOW LONG are they going to push?
Funcom is slower than molasses through a coffee filter for getting updates out...and the shambles that is patch 1.05 and slower combat (and now instead of fixing melee, wanting to kill mages so that the WHOLE game is slower)...I do not trust Funcom.
But, I DO have time cards, and will play when 1.06 hits...I just do not expect much in the way of change.
Expansion may be better for the game...but, no new starting zones is also a detriment to starting again...playing Tortage for the 100th time is not my idea of fun..

Anyways...more on my thoughts of the future of gaming for myself in RPG land soon..


esoteric said...

Please don't lump me in the fanboy category with Veronius. I do love the game but I unlike him can actually be objective about it.

I believe this is the year where conan either revitalizes or fails. There is a pretty sizeable chunk of content that is coming out in the next few months. T3 HOPEFULLY will be on live in the next couple weeks after merges. If not, that's cause for concern. But the expansion is slated for the first half of this year, and there is new pvp content on testlive which ties into the next tier of pvp gear. PvP towers are still in the works too. (I suspect funcom plans to add a unique pvp mechanic to each border kingdom zone, as the new shrines are in CE and pvp towers are meant for AE). On the cosmetic side of things there's been mention of an alternate appearance tab system in the works as well. I agree they are slow. But you could attribute this to the original team not even working on the game any more. I get the feeling they're still getting a feel for the code, but I could be wrong. Funcom's biggest challenge this year will be to actually release all this planned content in a timely fashion.

I'm not sure how well you've been keeping up with the game but assassins have gotten a significant buff and some CC mechanic changes have been implemented to reduce if not eliminate CC locking. (these will release with 1.06)

I might seem defensive but I do see a ton of potential in this game that might actually begin to be realized this year. With the expansion Funcom is probably in a position to really breathe new life into the game in terms of population, IF they don't drop the ball.

I'm with you 100% that that's an extremely big IF, but it's something to hope for.

Lately the game has been getting a very large amount of press on MMORPG though so that might be a good sign.

Andrew said...

I've had a devil of a time finding good gaming blogs that are not MMO related - would love to see you write articles about your single player experiences.

Since mostly dropping MMOs I've shifted to blogging about general gaming, and I agree that there are less utter trainwrecks to talk about.... they are still out there if you look tho - download lots of demos and you'll find plenty of material to go mental over. =)