Friday, March 12, 2010

Give "MMO's" a chance

Wow, is that a really bad way to segue into John Lennon's masterpiece...or what?

Well, as you can see, I have been the "strong" silent type for the last week as I have taken time to get to grips with several MMO's that had been on a back burner for me. How did this play time come about? As always, it boils down to my son's interests and helping him bloom in his fascination with MMO's.

About a little over a week ago he asked if I would buy Aion for him. Now, I try my best to help my son make good decisions about purchasing (my wife? not so I look upon her Jimmy Choo's she just HAD to have, yet sit gathering dust).
I first remind him of a little fiasco a while back when Fallout 3 first came out. He played the game after buying it new (60 buckos) and about a couple of weeks after the learning curve, he started to die...a lot.
He wanted to sell it back to Gamestop. Hey, no issue. Find a better game buddy!
Several months passed. His friends kept talking about the game on Xbox live, and were still playing it themselves. He kept getting excited about it, and asked if he could buy it...

I did a double take.

I told him about what happened. He believed he had become a better gamer, and could do it.
He understood my thoughts, so, blew another 60 bucks again on Fallout. (Please note, all games my son buys, he has earned...through trash pickup, cleaning his room, good grades and Grandma's).

It was returned just less than a week after.

Same thing for Aion. While playing beta, he started to hit that "grind" wall after a while. He decided he did not want the game after all when it launched. Yet, here he is...asking to buy it now.

I guess I could rack it up to A.D.D? "Well, you will need to pay for it son." And he did. I also agreed on one condition. I would play as well. The final piece? The wife would also need to play it and see how she felt about the game. She would need to play for 5 levels, or SHE would pay for it.
(Please note: We are a VERY democratic household on all things gaming, food, name it. We also follow the "try it or pay out" rule...You must try all foods once, all games and all TV shows as well).
Here is something else to think about. Since we are a gamer family, if one gamer strays, it makes it difficult for the other two to play. So, we make these arrangements over the games to allow everyone something to do while the other plays another title.
The wife and I knew we would get less Guild Wars time while he played Aion, so we each took off to play other things while he played Aion.

So, my schedule has been mixed between - Guild Wars, Age of Conan (free trial), Warhammer Online and Aion.

So, how has this been going? Quite well actually. It gives me a chance to also blog a bit about these games. So, stay tuned, as several posts are being lined up to discuss my trials and tribulations of the supposed "Games losing subs" group.



Scarybooster said...

Lol... I would have kept the game the second time and played it myself. I got 3 boys and they can't pick up enough trash to get me to buy the same game twice

Openedge1 said...


Then you missed an important life lesson. Now, if he ever returns a game, and wants it again, then he will need to listen to me rag on him for at least 15-30 minutes (I try to really make it a drag by doing the whole "when I was a kid" or "Starving kids in Africa" bit).

He tried it about a month or so ago with Mass Effect (after ME2 launched, and he returned ME as he hated the combat). I talked his ear off for 20 minutes about Fallout 3, cleaning his room AND mopping, and taking trash out for two weeks at no allowance.

That worked.

Aion was unqiue in another aspect. His Mom did a little bit of the whine for his Aion as well. She actually asked for him to get it...thus the deal with her that if SHE does not try it, she must pay me for it. And she MUST play to level 5.

You know what? I am thinking I be pretty devious.../Mwuhahahaha