Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Secret World - The experiment!

I made a few points on Twitter today about my thoughts of The Secret World.

First, I do honestly believe it could be the most unique and engaging MMO on the market (as long as it is NOT Funcom'd in any way, as we know they are notorious for doing). Second, as long as some conventions are put within a more modern world feel, like the game setting itself, I will truly feel like I am living in my present world...inhabited by creatures of legend and myth.

Some of my thoughts are:

Please make sure I have a first AND last name.
Please make sure I can get "regular" food and in normal ways. For example; Chips or Sodas...candy bars, out of vending machines.
Finally, PLEASE make sure money is in multiple denominations (Euro, Yen and US Dollar or something to that effect). Not some made up currency, or a singular style (well, I will slide if all money is in Yen ala Shadowrun style)

Now, why do I call this post "The Experiment"? Simple.

The Secret World will be the first MMO I will treat differently than most MMO titles of today. Here are my rules for The Secret World "Experiment" when it launches.

  • I will not buy the game until at least a week has passed to get over hiccups. If I have to, I will wait a month.
  • Try to avoid, at all costs, reading any in depth articles currently out and as well, no "reviews" of the game. This could make my first point "difficult" to say the least. I will also need to go on Twitter moratorium I think, as I believe some tweeters (Longasc!!!!) will really ruin it for me.
  • When I play, I will totally treat the game like a normal purchase. Read the rule book, log in and really pay attention to story, detail, etc.
Yes, I REALLY have my work cut out for me. But, this is the way it use to be. Guild Wars was a launch game for me, and I learned it from scratch, and it totally blew me away. Yet, LOTRO was a beta tester game, and it has ruined all aspects of that title for me. 
WoW was really awesome when I started as I only knew the game by reviews only...but, then I started reading "help" sites, was ruined for me.

The best part though? I will blog it all for YOU, as I know YOU love it when you know what is happening. But, I may instead do it, based on the principles of my ARG site, The Atbash Cipher of Secrets.
You can already check out that site, as I have my preliminary work there and layout for how I wish the game to be played from my perspective. Thats right folks, it is slightly RPG style.

Anyways, I could not resist discussing this, as I know news is coming from GDC that a NEW trailer with gameplay is to be shown by Funcom. I plan to watch that video, and then my moratorium will begin. No reading peoples thoughts on the video, no "previews"...NADA.

All of it will disappear not unlike the hidden secrets of the Templars.


Blue Kae said...

Good luck with the experiment.

I'm guessing it will turn out to be a good way for you to experience an MMO. I think it is one of the reasons why I had such a different Champions experience from a lot of other bloggers. I wasn't impressed with the screenshots I'd seen about the game so I didn't pursue any info about it or participate in the beta (at least until the very end of open). So I came into the game with no expectations beyond it was a super-hero MMO.

Anonymous said...

I also wish you luck with your experiment. If only I had the willpower to do something like this, but I already know I lack the patience and self control, as well considering how excited I am for The Secret World. I wholeheartedly agree with your no beta point though. My experiences with several games in the recent months have soured me forever on that idea.

BTW, I've been looking for a long time for a site like your ARG blog!