Sunday, April 4, 2010

Warhammer Online: WAR Report

What do these images have in common?

What is the one thing I find in Warhammer Online that I really do not see much of in other MMO's?

Why are these images important to understanding why I am really enjoying this game?

A constant "Grouping" factor.

I have played in more "group" based Scenarios, PVP and PVE than any other MMO since I first started playing MMO's.

The dread of LFG all hours of the day got to be an annoyance in most MMO's I have played. Of course, Guilds are one way to avoid this, yet the commitment needed is beyond compare. Then hours of the day that we play can cause concern. Or lets say someone has outleveled you, etc.
So many ways that grouping just does not seem to work in most average MMO's WORKS in Warhammer.

Some people complain about the PvE being plain in WAR. Some people complain about balance in RvR in WAR, or PVP in general. These do not seem to concern the "Family who MMO's", because, we are actually having fun doing what we do.

Ok, now that is out of the way, I guess you may have figured out how we feel as a group in WAR. Basically the balance of what to do has really shined for us.
One minute we can be grinding a PQ (Public Quest) with others to raise our Influence bar. The next, we have entered a scenario to work on Renown. Or we may stray into the Open RVR and get a bit of fun fighting Destruction, or taking a Keep. And if none of this is going on, we can still do kill quests, a bit of crafting or gathering, and still be having fun.

There is not a total bed of roses here, as some concerns still are glaring to say the least.

The server we are on seems to have a very dedicated group on the Destruction side, who seem to work well together, while the Order side can be a bit lame. But, we are learning how to work through this.
Issues with the lag on the servers can cause some weird issues. Floating players, mobs who disappear and reappear across the field from where they were killed, and skills not firing off immediately, causes a bit of..WTF??
Yet, each night, these seem to not cause concern, as we all will look at the clock and say.."Wow, it is past bedtime."

Did we get our moneys worth? Sure did. Will it last? Hard to say...

For now, I am savoring the fun. I am enjoying the deep lore of the game (so much so, that I bought a new Warhammer novel). As long as I am entertained, it is worth the meager amount I have paid.


Lauren said...

I enjoyed WAR until T4. I personally didn't find the PVE bland. Just wasn't enough players to cover the way they'd subdivided all those darn zones once you hit high T3 and T4. T4 felt like someone said, "Screw it, they're almost max level now and won't be doing much more of this..." It was so inferior to the rest of the game I was shocked and eventually bailed.

Scarybooster said...

Glad you are having fun. My return to WAR has been fun too. I don't get much time to play, but when I do I have fun. I had to start over because my higher toon makes me feel lost. I needed to figure out what I was doing so doing a new toon has helped me learn the game again