Friday, December 17, 2010

All is NOT lost

Just a simple hiatus is all.

This is not the first time I have taken a break due to enjoying my current gaming fascination. Lately I have been addicted to the Hall of Monuments grind in Guild Wars. Basically, if I am occupied, then I usually blog less.

Hard to not blog with all the news as of late, though. Major upheavals  for Final Fantasy teams (specifically the failure know as FFXIV), the patching woes of Warhammer Online and their need to push customers away, and Age of Conan still thinking it is a viable game by introducing new PvP changes, including removing PvP features and adding new ones...even though Craig Morrison has specifically stated "AoC is not a PvP focused game".

But, lets just get this straight. A majority of the time bloggers always have a "focus", if you will. Whether it is to highlight their game time, specifically when it is a new game. They need to rant and rave about a particular game. Or they want to discuss mechanics. I have not needed to vent as much.

But, how many just talk about their current game, especially one as old as Guild Wars, just to chat? Sure, sure, Guild Wars 2 on the horizon means more discussions will be had about the upcoming gameplay. But, I think I will hold discussion on such mechanics until we have a chance to play.
I also have an ARG website for The Secret World, which I hope to hear more of soon. Disappoints me that it has been too quiet on that gaming front. Really was quite a bit of work I put into the site, yet the game seems to be in "vaporware" mode.

As to my X-Fire stats...not much there. I expected some major changes due to the launch of World of Warcraft's expansion. But, nothing happened. Well, maybe some small budging, but no major drops or advances. I think the after Christmas game time should show us some good numbers though, so I will plan on a post about that at a later date. Changes in who is buying or receiving MMO's as gifts as well as scrips ending for some players..

So, I am NOT gone...just waiting for something major to happen. For example, Rift is coming. Wintersday is underway in Guild Wars (always fun to watch their game time on X-Fire during their special events), and of course subs ending for those who bought year long scrips to Age of Conan for the Godslayer package deal should prove to be interesting come time for financials for Funcom.

So, for now, just relaxing, gaining my Hall of Monument points and getting ready for that next blast of news..


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Longasc said...

I always prefer to read blogs from people who play the games they are talking about.

I just wondered if the reason for ultra-restrictive NDAs is to stop hyperactive bloggers from speculating too much about unlaid eggs, today I have already read speculations about Blizzard's "Titan", people already speculated more about it than Blizzard knows about Titan themselves.

I often wonder why people don't play GW and rather wait for GW2. It might be old, but it is better than most of the new stuff. Everyone who does not know GW yet can't do wrong. I also wonder why people wait for GW2 if they "don't get into GW1". Do they really expect so much WoWification? Granted, GW2 seems to be very different.