Monday, January 3, 2011

X-fire Review: Ending and Beginnings

Welcome 2011. I can't wait to get my hands on you and run you through the ringer.

For now, I must settle down and start my work for 2011 on the right foot. So, lets track the games that we have watched over the last year in X-Fire. These reports are for the first Sunday of 2011, and show where these games are sitting since my last report in November.
I will have the usual suspects here. But, lets get excited, as this year will bring some new and fun changes.

First off, Champions Online will be launching as Free to Play (or whatever you want to call it...Free to load, pay to play with little trinkets...etc..). So, I think we will see some adjustments in their numbers when that hits.
Next up is the launch of several new games.
February is the beginning of DC Universe Online. Later this year (ETA is noted as March) is Rift. I am sure some other games may muck with the times on X-Fire (for example, if Diablo 3 launches, I will be watching that games times).

For now, we will need to set up our markers for the current MMO's we watch, and we can use them as comparison through the year.

As is usual, lets get the disclaimer out of the way (so many "Whiners" throw a fit thinking this is hard science...when it is not...)

"The results here in no way equal a major scientific fact. If anything, X-Fire stats show a "trend" among gamers on the X-Fire network, who number in the millions, who may play an MMO in the list".

Whew....alright then, lets get started.

Champions Online

Warhammer Online

Final Fantasy XIV

Age of Conan

Star Trek Online

Dungeons & Dragons Online


Lord of the Rings Online

A good placeholder for our 2011 Calculations. I also put the games in order from least played to most and ranked accordingly. Any commentary I will leave to make sure to FOLLOW ME.

Cheers and Happy 2011.

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