Thursday, January 20, 2011

Now to play the Raptr Game

One argument within my gaming review is that our one data point may not be a total reliable factor here.  To alleviate this, I have been reviewing the data on Raptr for a bit.

Raptr is an alternate service not unlike X-Fire, just with a few missing features. Raptr DOES track time, but the totals may not always be what we have seen.
I have noted though that Raptr does give a generalized listing of players and times, and I thought I would see how the games listed on Raptr stack up versus X-Fire via the stats I am tracking for the MMO's I am watching.

Right now, the rankings for X-Fire in general is, as of my last posting...

  1. Lord of the Rings Online - 3000 (players)
  2. Aion - 2141
  3. EvE Online - 2229
  4. Dungeons & Dragons Online - 501
  5. Star Trek Online - 402
  6. Age of Conan - 335
  7. Warhammer Online - 275
  8. Final Fantasy XIV - 192
  9. Champions Online - 86

I plan to use Raptr come next Mondays X-Fire game for comparisons. So, these first listings may be off. (I noted LOTRO had Monday only listings and added the date next to it to notate this)...

For now, lets do this weeks numbers and rank them from Raptr.

  1. EvE - 1026 (players)
  2. LOTRO - 951 (17th)
  3. Aion - 518 
  4. DDO - 403 
  5. FFXIV - 209 
  6. CO - 174 
  7. STO - 168 
  8. WAR - 111 
  9. AoC - 109 
Well, right off the bat...a few anomalies. 

EvE Online moves into first place. Now, of course, since I could not gain LOTRO's numbers for Sunday, this could change. But, as we can see, the top 4 games I track have NOT changed. 
Aion is considerably lower on Raptr than X-Fire though. I wonder if this is a regional issue. 
I could not find any data on which countries have access to Raptr, unlike X-Fire which can pretty much be used ANYWHERE. There could be an issue in that respect.

Moving on, we see Champions is actually more liked on Raptr than X-Fire. City of Heroes has LESS players on Raptr than on X-Fire (actually the numbers are almost REVERSED...). This proves interesting to watch.
BTW, what about DC Universe, that other superhero game which has not even shown up yet on X-Fire? A whopping 2564 players on Raptr. Beating all other games I track (yes, that is JUST the PC version). When I start doing the Raptr game next week, I will note DC Universe in my listings.

Another oddity is how well liked FFXIV is here. I just cannot place my finger on this one. But, I will continue to watch this and see how it progresses over time.

One thing is certain. Age of Conan AND Warhammer Online are right close to each other and are both doing miserably as is usual, even on Raptr.

Looks like I will need to review the listings thoroughly and see if any MMO is doing better on Raptr but not ranking on X-Fire (Hey, did you know Vanguard had ONE PLAYER Sunday in Raptr? least X-fire had 10).

Anyways, that was fun. Can't wait for the Monday CHAMPIONS edition of the X-Fire/Raptr game.

Am I missing a game on my list that we should be watching? Let me know. I may expand it to show how the games rank across services.


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