Friday, March 11, 2011

Rift: Charting a course for success

Thanks to the fine work of some bloke who has tons of time...we now have a semi-population tracker for Rift.

You can view the main chart here (SOURCE).

I am adding this post for posterity sake, so we may begin to watch how the game progresses and what happens to the servers as time rolls on.

Of course, the main SUCK of this chart is that they have "powerlevel" and gold seller ads. I will attempt to block these as I snapshot them for posting. times...I can avoid them with an F5 refresh.

Anyways, I am taking this first snapshot to get the EU listing. Later tonight I will add the US shard listings.

You can click the image to get a larger view. Note that each server is color coded to represent how full the server is.

First off, we can already see that some of the PvP servers are quite low at this time of day in the US (and several in the EU also). But, at the same time, the EU had queues on PvP servers. Really telling how fickle PvP can be at times.

The best part of the image though is just how many servers in the US are at medium at mid-day. Impressive. I expect that to change though...downward. By how much will be the true way of telling how well Rift is doing though by the end of the 30 day free time.

I will update again later with the US primetime schedule. For now, enjoy a look at Rift servers at a glance.

UPDATE: Evening chart around 8:30 EST

Note...quite a few servers with queues or high on the US side. I am also impressed with so many being at medium also. 

Next set will be on Sunday, considered the busiest day.


John said...

Or you could use my site, which is free from anything but a single GoogleAd.

I've been collecting data since headstart launched (over 2 million rows of data so far) and I'll be adding trending graphs in the coming days.

Elementalistly said...

Thanks. Checked out your status page....but, it did not give this oversight that I want to use to track server status.
First, the color coding gives me a quick glance at pops. Next everything fits in one single page for imaging.
Finally, the listing on this chart site allows me to see queue numbers.

But, I will leave your link here for others to check out.

Thanks for sharing.