Friday, May 18, 2012

A Tale of Two Guild Sites..


It was the best of was even better times....and then it got REAL!

Barring my plagiaristic opener, times are awesome. Coming off a great opening experience in the Guild Wars 2 stress test, doing a bit of single player gaming, my job settling in, and progress moving forward on the two game guild setup for Simple Complexities, 2012 is looking up for the "Family who games" household.

As some of my fellow guildies from Rift may have noticed, I have started playing with new logos for the guild on our website at Guildlaunch. I am incorporating the two game logos into our banner. Both Rift and Guild Wars 2 are the games of choice going forward, and I cannot wait to join my old friends from Simple Complexities. So much so that this morning I logged into the "trial" version of my Rift account to goof off with my lowbie Defiant.

A return will soon be at hand.

As to the 2 game guild, I just wanted to update everyone on how the guild sites will work.

First up, I do NOT plan to take the current site and convert it to Guild Wars 2. There is too much data there for Rift. Plus, we need a way to separate the guilds from both games, for those who are not interested in GW2.

Thus, welcome to the new guildlaunch site at SimpleNComplex.

Next, as many may notice, I have started to play with our banner for the site. I already have the banner on our main Rift site updated. My ultimate goal is that the game the site is for will have a large logo of the main game, but the other game will be represented. So, looking at the current Rift site, I will make adjustments and have the Rift logo be LARGE and GW2 logo small. Then vice versa for the GW2 guild site.

As to Facebook, I plan to centralize posts there between BOTH games. Facebook will act as our centralized news source for both games. Twitter will also come into play...more on that soon.

As of this time, Gilraden is truly the main lead for the Rift faction of SC (thanks mate). I will be in charge of the GW2 faction. Gil really did a great job taking charge, and he has been in cohorts with several long time members. I appreciate all of their work.

So, on that note...I have a lot of work to do, so I better get to it. Cheers readers and Cheers fellow SC members...

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