Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Beta tester...ugh

So, recently, I stepped into the shoes of "Beta Tester" again for a specific game I cannot mention. I was very excited to be doing this...


What happens when you just do not enjoy the game being tested? I really want to do my part and help them improve on this unique title...but, after 30 minutes, the pleasure of the title just did not....please.

This leads me back to Guild Wars 2 and why I have NOT done the beta test.

Will I be disappointed? (as you may have guessed, the game I am testing is NOT GW2)

So, this past weekend we finally purchased our Digital Collector's editions of GW2 (the whole family...which led to a very large one time purchase...). This means we CAN step into the world of GW2 come next beta event.

But, should we?

My son matter what. This will not bother me. Well, OK, it may. As he will be playing, I will not be able to avoid seeing the game in action. But, I have seen so many videos, write-ups and screenshots...that I feel I have been to Tyria. So, will his playing entice me, or make me force him away?

Should I login as well? And should we ALL login so we can test class aspects?

I really want that feeling of returning to the wonder of Guild Wars. It has been our best MMO experience ever. And GW2 I feel can match that with a new way of playing an MMO.

So, I sit and wonder after this failed experiment of beta testing, if I should even think of GW2 beta. I am assured of loving it, but I believe I should hold until launch, and thus moving past the disappointment of issues that could crop up.

Oh the pain...


Stabs said...

I feel pretty much the same way about betas but I do from time to time allow myself to be sucked in. Most recently it was for Diablo 3 which served to increase my interest. The time before was for a smaller project which clearly was borderline unplayable when I got in and while I admire the dedicated hardcore who put a lot in to the game at that stage, you're essentially an unpaid designer.

In short, yes, play GW2 Beta with your son. Because it will be good.

Unknown said...

Hope you enjoy GW2. I found that the beta of that other unnamed title grows on you after you give it a bit more time. I wonder how many people will.