Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Testing my stress - Guild Wars 2

Yesterday was the Guild Wars 2 stress test. And stressing it was, to quote my inner Yoda.

There is no doubt that GW2 offers something special in gameplay. Right off the bat, you are thrown into learning movement, combat, talking, and more. That is...if you were not stuck at a load screen, dropping to desktop, etc.

But, as I noted, I would not let myself get worked up about testing GW2. If anything, it allowed me to see some of my Xbox 360 controls to mess around with. I need to do some more configuring, but overall, mapping worked per most of my MMO's.

I did not get far, but that is OK. My goal was to test settings, help Arenanet test the game...and of course, get that first look. Heck, within 15 minutes, I was in one zone and the music kicked up...and a wave of nostalgia hit. I got the biggest smile possible, and was overjoyed at remembering all I loved about my original launch days in GW1. They have totally grasped the feeling of the original game with the beautiful music.

One aspect that I truly enjoyed is how they gradually brought you new skills as you used you main skills. Another bit of true gaming fun was the fact that though I had a main goal in the game, as I walked around, events would show up, and off I went, all A.D.D as I tried to do each little quest. The "no streamlined questing" thing is perfect for how I want to play now. No more rigid, funneled questing.

I took some screenies, and will post those soon. Not a lot of them, but, as I said...load screen lockups, dropped connections and overall messing in settings all led to just a taste of what is in store....and it is good indeed.

PS: A true sign of what gaming will be like on launch is how the wife enjoys character creation...and let me just say, she is in love with it. We will be gaming our butts off when GW2 launches.

Now...when is that next beta event???


Unknown said...

Just started to look into using a controller for GW2 - can you tell me if you had to use a program like xpadder to get it to work?

Elementalistly said...


Xpadder works incredibly well. It is now a "pay for" program...but, you can still find the older, free version that still works (if you run it in Windows XP compatibility mode if on Windows 7).

I map the face buttons to skill numbers, except Y which is space. The Analog pad (the directional arrows) are mapped to skill 4-7 (4 is left 5 is up 6 is right and 7 is down). Start button is mapped to Inventory, and Back button to ESC..

There is more, and I may do a write up sometime (like how to map F keys to multi-presses, like left button / A pad).

Good luck!

Unknown said...

ok thanks - I really believe the controller with PC is the future, and love how the analog feel of joysticks adds to the action feel of MMO combat. I was skeptical at first but now can't play all but FPS's with a 360 controller.