Monday, November 30, 2009

Age of Conan Decisions

Ok, as of today, my first day back home, I am sitting here and thinking to myself "What to do?".

As I stated previously, my account for Age of Conan has expired. I have been using time cards every 60 days, and I even have some time cards here now from the massive markdown sale at Gamestop about a month back.

But, I am thinking of letting it sit in protest of the way they are handling the game.

As I predicted, the new patch 1.06 has still made no move to Testlive, thus Funcom has no confidence in it's playability yet. It may go this week, but this is almost 4 months now since 1.05 went to live.

Content updates are moving slower than molasses, and with multiple 80's, and raiding being a difficult thing to do (time wise, and population wise...finding a group to join...), I just do not want to level another character.

So, now I am debating on what to do. I like Dragon Age and have been playing that game here and there...but, whenever I start, the time allotment gets out of hand, and I play way too it is more of a weekend game. MMO's always allowed me to hop in, accomplish something and go back to real life.

So, what game to look into or go back to? I will be looking at games like Aion (if I can find a great deal on a copy, I may just give it a 30 day go), DDO for a while maybe? Continue trialing Warhammer and their free 10 levels?

The debate is on.


Dickie said...

I'd say give Fallen Earth a shot over Aoin. Of all the MMOs I've played recently, FE felt more like AOC than any of them. The combat is interactive and fast paced, the world is real and adult, and the PvP is good.

Blue Kae said...

If you're just looking for a quick hip in/out type game, I think you're on the right track with either DDO or Warhammer, plus they're both free to play (with certain caveats).

Verrence said...

In the same position :(

I really enjoy AoC but have only been on with my Tuesday Night Guild for the last month for basically the same reasons you stated...

My wife and I have sold our souls to Satan and returned to WoW due to the lack of anything else we want to play, so bring on SW:ToR...