Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Hiatus

There sure has been a lot going on in Funcom world. But, as you may guess, things have changed in my life for now.

My Mother has become very ill, thus I have not been able to be focused on the Funcom issues.

I do some rare updates in Twitter thanks to the speed I can do them, and in small bits, so please follow me there if you wish (openedge1 is my user name).

But, as we all know, the new financials have hit and Funcom really needs to start thinking of it's overall strategy as it was mighty ugly for them this round. Losses (even though I actually see fanboys spinning a 69% loss over a year as ...gulp...healthy!)

I hope to return once my mind is clearer, and I can accept what is happening with my Mother.

Don't remove me from your readers yet...

Cheers and be well to all! (PS: if you are a heavy drinker or eat a ton of fat, may I caution you of how a simple thing like Pancreatitis can become OVERNIGHT a truly deadly killer)


heartlessgamer said...

Good luck with everything. We hope you return to the battlefield of the MMO blogosphere soon and with conviction!

Jayedub said...

I am sorry to hear things are not so good, I hope that everything turns out alright.

Hopefully the expansion will be awesome and things will turn around for Funcom.

Sharon said...

I'm sorry to hear that your mother is ill! Best wishes for her speedy recovery, and we look forward to your bloggy return!

Bildo said...

Not fun, Edge. Good luck, and my prayers are with you.