Thursday, November 5, 2009

Age of Conan - Who else worries about AoC?

Looks like Gamestop and Barnes and Noble are worried about Age of Conans longevity as well as me.

60 Day Game cards, normally 30 bucks, now going for $12.99

Gamestop drops price of AoC time cards



brenda said...

Coming soon: AoC F2P! Play through Tortage for free! Special price! Slave girls 50% off with the purchase of a galley oarsman!

For $20, when you say "By Crom!", lightning will flash!

Half off our special Thanksgiving loincloth!

Jayedub said...

Actually you maybe on to something. WAR just started their new trial where players can play Tier 1 for free. I could see Funcom doing something similar with Tortage. The slave girls and the loincloth, not so sure, lol.

Not to be the party pooper, but Barnes and Gamestop are owned by the same company, so it's likely they are just trying to get rid of stock, and less likely to do with their view of AoC's longevity.

Now if Bestbuy, Walmart, or Frys start doing the same thing, then I think the proverbial iceberg has been hit.