Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rift: Interim Game for Clarity

Just a quick post to share some data before this next X-Fire game.

I decided to see how the launch of Rift's open beta was doing on our services. This way, come next week, we can compare notes to see how retention is going.

The numbers were quite big for X-Fire with 4,623 players. Compared to last beta, which had 2,755 players..we see almost 2000 more players join the ranks. This is on a weekday as well. These numbers clearly put Rift in the #1 position for our charts. This coming "game" report should give some clarity on how Rift is holding up to scrutiny of new and prospective players.

Raptr had Rift at 507 players. This is compared to last round with 243 players. Rift more than doubled their player counts on Raptr.

Quite an anomaly on the numbers between X-Fire and Raptr. But, it still allows us a clear view of how Rift is doing.

Also, as a side note, I will be doing Everquest as my game of the week for the next report. Seeing the new progression server launched the same day as Rift open beta...would be cool to see how it is doing. Raptr had EQ going from 26 to 80 players for a Tuesday and X-Fire was ranked, so numbers are not clear yet. It had 71 players though and jumped quite a few spots in the rankings (from #213 to #180).

Cheers for now, and see you next week for more on the game.

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