Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rift: Too much chatter

And it has happened....again.

A beta is being discussed like it is a release. the hype-o-meter has gone through the roof. The hate blogs of my "Communist Bloc" days of blogging are tenfold.

And I am convinced it needs to go away.

As of today, besides my usual "X-Fire" commentary, the discussion of Rift as a game like it is released disappears from my blog and my twitter. Really, do we know what is going to happen? Do we think the way Rift is, as of TODAY, the Rift that will be launched?

Some do, and I say "Nay". >>>>>>>>>> NAY I SAY....

The audience will be huge...the number of players will be through the roof. Servers will die. Queues will melt your monitors and the usual blather of balance, playability and what not will make the blogs scream with rage.

I will be there. But, as of today, I think Rift discussions need to go.

No more commenting on blogs about Rift (my final comments are out, and I refuse to say anymore). No more discussion on gameplay, mechanics, the company....etc. Trion has done a fab job, but I REALLY want to see if they can handle a huge launch.

So, until February 24th...Rift shall be the game that remains un-discussed.

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jeff said...

There just isn't a whole lot to talk about right now, or look forward to in the near future. Grats Trion on good timing and here's my $85 for 4 the CE and 4 months of WoWHammer inspired gameplay!