Monday, February 21, 2011

X-Fire Game: Rifted

So ends the Open Beta weekend for Rift. And with that note, we should be able to see a very unique list here for our X-Fire game.

What effect did the "Rift OB" effect cause? Lets find out. 

  1. Rift (OB 3962)
  2. Lord of the Rings Online - 24932597 ↓ )
  3. Aion - 2339 ( 2458 ↓  )
  4. EvE Online - 2263  ( 2263 - )
  5. Champions Online - 722 ( 766 ↓ )
  6. Star Trek Online -  450 ( 471 ↓ )
  7. Dungeons & Dragons Online - 443 ( 478 ↓ )
  8. Age of Conan - 292 ( 281 ↑ )
  9. DC Universe - 265 ( 370 ↓ )
  10. Warhammer Online - 168 ( 220 ↓ )
  11. Final Fantasy XIV - 139 ( 129  )
Some interesting and shocking results here. Lets start from the top.

Rift steadied out since launch of open beta, but still took in enough players to top the list. The first day results here showed Rift hitting 4623 players. Tourists abound and as a result, we would see such a drop. What will prove interesting is how next weeks launch holds up. Watch for it, Retentionista's

Most other MMO's were down, but a few EvE holding steady to last week, was fascinating.  But, look at our two risers here. Age of Conan and Final Fantasy XIV. Could it be they were different enough from the familiar Rift, that players who were done with a theme park MMO style headed there?

Lets focus on our continued loser, who lost big here. Earlier last week I had noted on Twitter an unusual drop for Warhammer Online through XFire. It was sizeable. Around Wednesday, a big chunk of players had showed up missing from Xfire for WAR. It looks like it was not an anomaly due to an outage, or what not. The drop has continued through the weekend. This does not spell good news for this fledgling MMO. Unless Bioware/Mythic does something quick, this game will be on it's last legs.

We will continue that Deathwatch through the month of March and see if any new updates happens ...either from Mythic or the playerbase.

  1. EvE Online - 1219 ( 1108 ↑ ) players
  2. Lord of the Rings Online - 995 ( 1064 ↓ )
  3. DC Universe - 630 ( 750 ↓ )
  4. Aion - 606 ( 659 ↓ )
  5. Champions Online - 539 ( 637 ↓ )
  6. Rift (OB 365)
  7. Dungeons & Dragons Online -  337 ( 318  )
  8. Final Fantasy XIV - 160 ( 180 ↓ )
  9. Star Trek Online - 157 ( 202  ↓  )
  10. Age of Conan -  140 ( 122   )
  11. Warhammer Online -  95 ( 101 ↓ )
I have tried to figure out the rhyme and reason of how Raptr works compared to X-Fire when rankings take place...but, I just can't. The only logical explanation may be that Raptr is not available in all languages? XFire does have great language support...but, I cannot find much in Raptrs documentation on their accessibility.

Anyways, lets check this out.

EvE continues to hold it's top spot here, with LOTRO holding a close second. DC Universe also in the top 3.

For some reason Raptr does not feel the Rift effect. Will this change come launch? Some switches took place with FFXIV moving ahead of Star Trek Online. Weird.

Age of Conan was up here as well as on XFire. Was there a promotion I am not aware of? And holding the bottom and with some losses is of course, Warhammer Online.

Now, for this weeks game, I felt we should hold up another game that had it's own type of event this past week...

Launching the new "progression server" which offers an old school style of play for players to reminisce and then realize that sometimes you "can't go back"...offered us a view of how many remember their First Time.

XFire  = 80 players
Raptr = 86 players

So, really...this may not look like much. But, what you really need to see is this.

Note the upward swing there? That would be "Progression Server". 

Congrats to SOE.

Thats it for this week. Stay tuned, as next week the XFire game should EXPLODE with the launch of a new MMO.

Can Rift become our new #1?



Anonymous said...

Wonder if this means that WAR players are tending to migrate to Rift.

Anonymous said...

@Spink: Probably, man. Most of my guildmates from Gaiscioch, which is a pretty big WAR guild, are moving to RIFT. Those who aren't moving are quitting WAR.