Monday, February 14, 2011

The X-Fire Game: Back to Normal

Another week, and this time no Super Bowl or Rift beta to cause concerns.

What will be nice this go-round is that next weekend will be the return of another Rift beta...and this one being an open beta to boot. I expect some pretty big numbers out of Rift. so, this time out, we will have a good read on how the current games are doing and if Rift will affect any numbers next week.

For now, lets see how our games are doing. Since last week was all over the map thanks to the Bowl, I plan to do a two week review...including the previous two weeks of data for comparison. Pre-Bowl numbers will be what I compare this weeks ratings to.

  1. Lord of the Rings Online -  2597 (Pre-Bowl 2524  Super Bowl 1813)
  2. Aion -  2458 (Pre-Bowl 2131   Super Bowl 1874 )
  3. EvE Online -  2263 (Pre-Bowl 2415 ↓ Super Bowl 1776)
  4. Champions Online -  766 (Pre-Bowl 1458 ↓ Super Bowl 724)
  5. Dungeons & Dragons Online -  478 (Pre-Bowl 421  Super Bowl 338)
  6. Star Trek Online -  471 (Pre-Bowl 385  Super Bowl 371)
  7. DC Universe -  370 (INTRO 316)
  8. Age of Conan -  281 (Pre-Bowl 290 ↓ Super Bowl 214)
  9. Warhammer Online - 220 (Pre-Bowl 240 ↓ Super Bowl 133)
  10. Final Fantasy XIV -  129 (Pre-Bowl 130 ↓ Super Bowl 111)
Quite a few movers and shakers here.

Aion truly showed some massive jumps. Thanks to a Valentines event, I think this really helped them jump so high here. I have seen Aion perform like this on a regular basis whenever the devs do something special.

STO and DDO both showed good jumps here as well. STO had their one year anniversary, and a sale on the main client...which most likely helped. Anyone know what happened with DDO? Any special event this weekend?

Now, if we look at Champions, we can see a massive drop here. This WAS to be expected. Still, their rankings look great and from what CO had been seeing (the low teens for number of players), this is a marked improvement. DC Universe though hardly budged here. Still think this may go up a bit as X-Fire recognizes some clients...but, hard to say as it nears the 30 day mark.

As I suspected, WAR is still on a downhill slide. Each week their numbers dwindle. When we compare it to the other two fail MMO's on the list, the drop is double or more than AoC or FFXIV. I hope the bleed out can stop. The fact a special event was going this weekend also says a lot for player retention and popularity as a return MMO for players.

  1. EvE Online -  1108 (Pre-Bowl 1151 ↓ Super Bowl 684) players
  2. Lord of the Rings Online -  1064 (Pre-Bowl 799  Super Bowl 661)
  3. DC Universe -  750 (Pre-Bowl 1256 ↓ Super Bowl 732)
  4. Aion -  659 (Pre-Bowl 554  Super Bowl 484)
  5. Champions Online -  637 (Pre-Bowl 1231 ↓ Super Bowl 500)
  6. Dungeons & Dragons Online -  318 (Pre-Bowl 241  Super Bowl 240)
  7. Star Trek Online -  202 (Pre-Bowl 121    Super Bowl 140)
  8. Final Fantasy XIV -  180 (Pre-Bowl 216 ↓ Super Bowl 156)
  9. Age of Conan -  122 (Pre-Bowl 119   Super Bowl 85)
  10. Warhammer Online -  101 (Pre-Bowl 94  Super Bowl 57)
Overall a good week on Raptr for a few games. 

As we saw on X-Fire, Aion up quite a bit here. LOTRO also had a big spike. STO and DDO also up as we had seen on X-Fire.

Even some low games had a small bump...including AoC and WAR.

FFXIV had a small tumble though. DC Universe took a dive (ouch). Champions also felt the cruch as it took some numbers off. Couple more weeks and DCUO and Champions should stabilize.

Now, on to the game of the week.

I try to highlight a game I usually do NOT track for this weekly posting.

Todays game is...

City of Heroes
Having been around for quite a few years, I often wonder how games that have been going rate here. Lets take a look.

X-Fire = 148 players
Raptr = 132 players

If we compare this to our main charts, we can see CoH outdoing Age of Conan and Warhammer Online....and rightfully so. The game has had great accolades from it's player base and the current MMORPG rating is at 8.29, so overall a game that, though getting up there in years, still has a loyal following.

Ok, thats it for this weeks charts. Stay tuned for a Rift to open in next weeks stats.


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