Monday, September 7, 2009

Age of Conan - Exclusive Godslayer footage

Ten Ton Hammer has some exclusive in game footage of the "Rise of the Godslayer", the new expansion for Age of Conan, for our perusal.

We see in this video a walk around a village at the base of the Great Wall. Ten Ton also notes that players enter Khitai at level 20, thus giving a new experience for the levels 20-40 (as well as additions to endgame).


Anonymous said...

That looks quite neat! It is great to see that they add more content options directly from post-Tortage. The new more seamless zone handling and the different factions seem nice also.

I did like the tiger mount/combat pet and the way to obtain it sounds good too.

Overall sounds like a solid approach for an expansion.

Yasmina said...

Very cool! Thank you for tracking it down. Those Funcom artists can really do great work.