Friday, September 18, 2009

Age of Conan - Podcast? Hmm

So, in discussing a return to blogging form, quite a few people noted they were interested in a podcast for Age of Conan.

It is true that not one single podcast exists for AoC, and I would be the first (lets edit this--I MEAN, I would be the ONLY one right now)

What interests me is maybe discussing some of the things going on in game. For example, economy and what is selling, not selling and maybe selling prices (a very harsh point right now, as due to some stupidities, some players continue to crash the market..). Maybe a discussion on some of the main quest lines or dungeons as well. Then finally do some of the news there.

I will have to think about it, and maybe listen to some game specific podcasts to get an idea of formats. But, I will put it on my list and see how it feels and maybe do a test run or two.

So far, I would be looking at a two week window for these. This way, I can compile some of the data from my news and what is happening in game.

Anyways, I better roll...some reason I am not feeling well today, and need to relax.

Later all.


Red Headed Tim said...

You wouldn't be the first. There a couple a year ago. The best one died out last fall. Hyborian Herald FTW. You can still grab the eps from VirginWorlds. Streamweaver (podcaster) set the bar pretty darn high. I'd recommend downloading the fansite sdk for the free mp3's that are legal to use.

Jayedub said...

A podcast would be great! It's too bad that there isn't one right now because I think the game is so much better now and the changes are great for the game.

Slith said...

Hyborian Herald was great, big shoes to fill, but go for it!;

Allan said...

I contributed to a podcast by the folks on the Shadow Council WoW RP server. It was a great community and a nice group of people; we recorded it over Ventrilo, so we could create one of those fun conversational podcasts, with recurring special features and interviews with people on the server. If you want a hand putting something like this together, let me know.

Longasc said...

I do not think a podcast would be a good idea, unless you have a partner in crime like Hudson or Channel Massive. The format only works because they are talking and musing to each other.

I am not a big podcast fan, I prefer to read stuff. I actually like what you read, it is interesting most of the time.

I have another suggestion:
What I have missed so far are some dungeon/raid reports from AoC. There are surprisingly few, and I am always amazed when I read about some rather fascinating AoC encounters and boss tactics.

No need to make a AoC roleplaying story out of it, just some screenshots and comments how you killed the boss! :)

Leala Turkey said...

Go for it. It would be good to hear.