Thursday, September 10, 2009

Age of Conan - Silirrion on new starting location

Craig Morrison stopped by the forums due to some questions and concerns about the starting zone of Tortage.

He had this to say...

"It's unlikely we will introduce a different new player area anytime soon. Tortage works very well for new players and is part of the game that consistently gets very good feedback. This means it is not an area of the game that we consider needs any major changes or additions as it suits its purpose very well and is effective.

New player areas primary purpose aren't for veteran players, they are for new players, and there I think the current area really works.

In terms of possibly allowing veteran players to 'skip' Tortage in some manner (maybe once they have done all four archetypes or something like that) that is something we probably will consider at some stage."


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Yasmina said...

I guess it's precisely what makes it such a fun, directed starting area is what also makes it less fun to repeat. Letting people skip ahead to level 20 would be a fine idea.

I dunno, though -- when I want to try out a class I haven't played before, I love exploring it in Tortage. It'd be weird to jump in at level 20.

I'm of two minds.