Thursday, September 17, 2009

May return? Discuss

So...lately, I have felt an urge to blog again. I have been very quiet, and only reporting news. But, I am thinking some commentary is in order.

I really got flustered about a month ago over the MMO industry as a whole. I just could not see any reason to discuss these games, as the developers and the people who talk about these games all really turned into idiots.

Recently though, I have noticed that as I think about taking a break from Age of Conan (as my son will be going off to play Halo:ODST, and we will lose the super team of Wife, Hubby and Son)...I actually...

Do not want to.

I still am enjoying myself, and just cannot get myself to think about letting my scrip expire.

I have really not found anything at this point that inspires me to play. Champions Online was a bust, DDO, though free, bores me...Aion...well, I do not need another Lineage 2 / WoW clone.

So, I will continue to play, and will discuss some of what has happened over the last month I have been gone.

I may not post like I use to, and I still like the idea of a news outlet for AoC information...but, I will try my best to keep you guys up to date.

Anyways...this is just an inkling, and may soon go away again. We will see.

Later all...thanks for visiting.


Hudson said...

You may return, I am slowing down. I feel the same frustrations with the industry and I even get sniped at for blogging about it, but I aint gonna stop as long as crappy stuff keeps coming out.

Slith said...

if it wasn't for the fact I blog a lot about single class (still tons of to-dos in terms of guides) Funcom would news-starve me long long time ago.

I sugest you visit Test forums more often
lots of interesting development info there.

BTW there is still not a single AOC podcast outthere so perhaps you should explore that possibility.

Anywho, keep blogging about AOC because once bitten by Conan ...forever smitten

Jayedub said...

I do like the AoC news, but I for one would like to hear and talk more about AoC.

An AoC podcast would be awesome!