Thursday, September 24, 2009

Age of Conan - System one!

Well, it is a go. System one will be complete come tomorrow. So, I wanted to stop in real quick and set ya up for what it would cost to make this monster machine...

650 Watt Power Supply- (spend a few bucks more and get a name brand...but this one is working great for me)

X-Fi - (for those extra few frames and of course, better sound quality)

$1026.00 (averaged out...oh and fixed dollar amount. Missed stuff I already

(Add tower case and DVD for about $100 worth it)

So, as you can see, to get the most bang for the buck with minimal to no cost...this is the way to go.

I have spent a $1000 bucks, and I am at the top of my game short of going for Dual Video cards.
Some people mention the need for an i7, but I felt the cost/performance ratio to loss really added up.

Now, once I get my video card installed, I will start pulling some numbers for this setup, and then we will start working on changes to settings, the .ini file and more..



Anonymous said...

$635.00 for everything? Did you forget to add the price of the video card? Because when i added it up it's over a $1000 including the card. Maybe my math is wrong. lol Then again i did attend public school. :)

Tempest of News said... screw up...

I did not add in the stuff I owned (the i5 for

Appreciate the heads up...

Public School FTW!!

Anonymous said...

NP. Will you be overclocking your cpu? I have never used anything but a name brand power supply. But if you don't have any problem's that's good. But for others i would suggest if building a system like this, spend the extra money on a name brand company like OCZ or Corsair. Looking forward to seeing the numbers you get with the 5870. As i myself am looking to getting this card as soon as i can find one. lol.

Tempest of News said...

I agree with you on the power supply. I actually have that power supply in another unit (with an e7300 and ATI 4870)
Mine is a Xion

And I am already overclocked on the CPU...but not the GPU