Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Guild Wars - Change of Venue

Our current MMO (if we can call it that..I call it an Online Action RPG) is Guild Wars.
We have been playing within the Nightfall campaign, an African themed setting, which I really enjoy. The visuals are great, the setting feels good and you have access to the "Heroes", which seem to work better for when you wish to solo or have a small group.
But, something struck us as we continued our questing.

It seems to be quite easy with the Heroes.

Also, while playing, my son took what we would call the "Easy" class....Warrior. Thanks to the best heal in the game (in my opinion) and being able to take a ton of damage, they seem to just be easier for those starting out. But, it also comes with my son's main complaint; they are boring.

My wife who has played a ton of Guild Wars was in for something new also...as she had already played through Nightfall. So, I thought long and hard on this. I or my wife had NEVER played in "Factions" before...so, why don't we all START over.

Now, Guild Wars has something that most MMO's do not. A quick and easy restart for the game, thanks to the leveling system. With only 20 levels, it just does not seem as harsh to start anew.

So, we were off.

My wife is experimenting with a Mesmer. This class is unique in how it is mostly a debuff class and there for interrupts or to take down mobs without being a DPS'er. She has never leveled one too high, but she is really into the game right now, so she may be able to pull this off.
My son chose an Assassin.  I am worried as I know eventually that this class becomes a death trap. Easy to kill and not much of a damage maker. But, he is really good about staying alive so far.
I chose the Ritualist. I had never played one to full fruition, and wish to see how it works. I am enjoying the cross breed of pets/heals this class has...so it could be fun.

None of these choices are conventional whatsoever, and eventually we may wish to say goodbye to these characters.
But, we have noted that each of us are having fun with these classes. And maybe that is the key to longevity. So, we will carry on, and see how we feel as we progress.

Hopefully will get back to you with more on this change of events. Cheers for now.


Anonymous said...

Ritualist is a lot of fun I think, with a few different ways to play it. The story itself in Factions has some gaps in it I think, but some of the settings are gorgeous and just great to explore and wander around in.

Longasc said...

Pick Splinter Weapon - its the ultimate support for your son's Assassin and will work nicely with Cantha's hordes of enemies. :)