Friday, February 12, 2010

Less Twitter, More Bloggie

So...yesterday, I had a run in on Twitter with someone I do respect. My issue is when they get all up in arms because someone asks a simple question. I feel remorse for this player of MMO's and wonder why they become so sensitive to simple probing of their likes, dislikes, etc.

As MMO bloggers, it seems like this genre has a way to make people feel more emotional about their games, their play habits, and the way they approach the genre.

This is not the first time this has happened. All in all I think it has to do with the limited space for Twitter that causes more argumentative discussions than comparison talks about how we may feel about our gaming as a whole.

Thus, to alleviate this combative nature of Twitter, and it's short bursts of text being misconstrued...I will instead get back to my first love.


I have been pretty busy as of late, as my gaming has become pretty frantic with Guild Wars (with the family) and Titan Quest (solo).

I am actually shocked I am enjoying Titan Quest so much. As my wife calls it.."It is old school". But, thanks to the way the game plays, it has become a bit of a delight. Since I am enjoying it so much, I am going back to other games in that genre (isometric action RPG) like Legend:The Hand of God and Sacred 2 that have been sitting around not doing much of anything. I may actually enjoy myself again in those titles, as at the time I got them, I just did not seem to like that visual look or feel.

Guild Wars on the MMO front is proving to be another family favorite. I am unsure of what it is about GW or Age of Conan that we like so much. Maybe the more action oriented style? My wife started RPG's with Diablo 2 and Baldurs Gate (for the PS2; the action versions.), I think she requires a faster pace than the standard slow mo of WoW, EQ2 or LOTRO. My son is originally an FPS player (Halo, Call of Duty, etc.), so I think it also seems more in line for him if the game is fast paced. Also, since my son is more oriented on the combat side of things, other areas of MMO's like crafting and housing are not that big of a deal. He did enjoy EQ2's housing hard to say if he could enjoy it elsewhere. But, he never asks for those features in any new game we play.

But, like the person I noted at the beginning of my post who feels touchy about their games, we are just as emotional about our MMO's, and why we enjoy these particular titles. Luckily, there are enough of these MMO's to go around for all of action or slow paced.

Anyways, I think I have said enough for now. I think I need to get back to discussing games a bit a context where I can explain myself a bit more.

Thanks for stopping by!


Longasc said...

Don't worry, you are not the first to get misunderstood on Twitter.

It is also possible to anger people if you are not even talking to or about them, because they feel/assume that you are talking about them.

Then one has to track back to which tweet people refer and why they are angered.

Regarding GW, it is really worth blogging about. But interestingly not many bloggers seem to recognize it as MMO or even MMO-alike for various really odd reason!

You know, it is no proper MMO because it is instanced and you are all alone! And people area so bad and awful in this game!

-> there must be a way for the awful people to follow the poor guys into the lonely instance??? ;)

My theory is that the millions of people playing GW are just having too much fun to have time to blog about the game, unlike bored players of other MMOs that nowadays too often can be "played" in a semi- to near total AFK mode.

Comparing GW and AoC does not really work IMO, but they still have several things in common. People can say about both games whatever they want, but they are ambitious efforts by companies who want to do their own thing, ideally really cool and awesome on top of that, and not release the next WoW-lookalike MMO.

Jayedub said...

Glad to hear that you are enjoying Titan Quest, it's a great game.

Openedge1 said...


Agreed. I think I was a snob when I tried it at launch (if it ain't in 3D over the shoulder style..I ain't playin' it). But, it really is fun, and the fact I can play an hour and accomplish stuff...that is good.


Hear, Hear on the Guild Wars...I totally agree that it just deserves more discussion. When the wife and I went back to our max levels in Eye of the North and started running around, we were like...OMG...what a blast to go back.
As to Twitter...yea, I have blocked so many people because they feel the need to be idiots or argumentative, it just seems that the "social" part of that network is NOT working.
I think I will let my Ping.FM, Xfire, GameRaptr services do my updates for me and stay as far away as I can.


Scott said...

Agree with Twitter, there's just not room to have an actual discussion and when you combine limited writing space with the existing difficulties of expressing context and emotion in short chat-text bursts, problems arise. I'm allowed to say that since I'm one of those you blocked for that exact problem. I was never "arguing" with you, but never got the chance to actually get my meaning across. Hoping you'll let me back into the Circle of Trust someday.

And yeah, even the few GW bloggers out there no longer do anything. I understand, since it's what? 4 years old now or so? And there are so many more "new shinies" than there used to be. But there's still tons of GW content I've never seen or completed and I do want to get that done someday. GW2 is pretty much the only fantasy MMO I can say I'm looking forward to. At all.

Openedge1 said...



I think we all fell out of touch during that period. We want to say something, but, in 140 characters it just seems that what we say is...what can I call it...shitty?

Anyways, I have opened you back up for Twitter...and it will be for the best, as I will NOT be talking there. I will let all my status updates do the talking for

If we wish to discuss games...lets use our blogs where we can do MANY more words to say what we really mean.


Your Avid Gamer said...

I think I heard it best said somewhere else; the gaming industry is too controversial and in depth to be limited to 140 characters.

However, I'm very new to Twitter and I've found it's great to contact people where you can't anywhere else. It's also great to find new people.

I'm usually the last to embrace a social media system that I think is going to be a fad. I had the wrong impression of Twitter at first until someone explained to me how to use it.