Monday, February 15, 2010

The Year of the Greek

Lately, Titan Quest has been my game of choice when I am playing alone. This title really grabbed me as the setting is one I enjoy. The Roman -Greco stylings seem to mesh for me. Tragedy, loss, love, war, and the Gods who manipulate it all.

It is interesting then to see that 2010 is turning into the year of Greek based media. From Spartacus on Starz which is turning into a household favorite, with it's over the top graphics, gorgeous ladies (Lucy Lawless as always...flawless), and of course the tragedy of the hero...truly awesome. The just released Percy Jackson and the Olympians, wherein a boy discovers he is the son of Poseidon (looks like a Harry Potter variation using the Gods). Also this year, Clash of the Titans...a total reboot actioner based on the old Harry Hamlin starring piece.

Oh My!

As to games, we have God of War III...but, not much else I have seen (except for a few RTS's maybe).
That disappoint mes. Luckily, there is still Age of Conan, where Aquilonia exists, which feels 100% Roman in it's visual qualities and style.

Luckily, there is another game though. It is a title called Mytheon. It seems reminiscent of Titan Quest, but is persistent and online. It has been touted as an MMO.

There is currently sign ups going on at the Mytheon website for closed beta if anyone is interested. As for the game, the website states...

"For too long, the gods have dominated the affairs of men. Zeus and his pantheon of Greek deities have ruled the Mediterranean, while Ra and his legion of Egyptian lords have held sway over the deserts of antiquity."

Good start. I also love me some Egyptian Gods, so that could be cool.

Anyways. The year of Greek mythology is really piquing my interests, so much so that I have a few books to read lined up in that genre to get me going.

Both by David Gemmell, these are fantasy based retellings of Greek/Roman historical stories of, again; tragedy, war, love, politics... all GREAT looking stuff.

So, my fix for some Roman/Greco should be satiated for now. I hope there will be more in this genre to explore down the road.

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