Friday, February 5, 2010

I am NOT dead....

Contrary to what you may believe.

I actually am gaming quite a bit, been busy at work, and have started back to doing my second job... Network/PC support tech for my own company.

Last year I took a break from my own business due to the economy and thanks to Microsoft releasing a shoddy product...Vista. But, now with Windows 7 out, and being such a great piece of software and most of my old customers hitting their 3 year mark for the systems I built for them...I felt it was time to get back into THAT game.

It has paid off, as most of my original customers are ready to get new systems. Work is rocking.

But, How does that mess with me here? Well, I of course get less time to do THIS. I like to write here, but it is so hectic now, that I just do not get a chance.

But, I am hoping to rectify that by going to a weekly post.

I am still in Guild Wars, playing some Dragon Age (not much actually...will write about that soon), and just bought Titan's Quest. As well, Age of Conan has hit patch 1.06, which gets me itching to get in there and start working on Guild Renown and Raid Tokens to get new gear.

For now, my posting habits will be light as business booms and gaming is taking the rest of my spare time..

Stick it out though as I will return. Also, follow me on Twitter, as I am a bit more active there @Openedge1

Later folks


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that business is treating you well. Here's hoping that keeps up. If you've got to be busy, it's always good if it's profitable. ;)

Jayedub said...

Glad to hear work is busy! Titan Quest is an awesome game. I like it so much I might buy it on Steam for the ridiculous low price it's at!