Monday, February 22, 2010

Header changes - Of the moment...

Bear with me as I play around a bit with my header images.  If it is too large, let me know...k?

I like the idea of having my header image reflect my current games of choice.

For example the current one (which I will leave up for a week). I saw this image yesterday while browsing my gaming images folder. It was from Eye of the North for Guild Wars. I just saw header image potential there. EoTN, as well, really shows what we can look forward to in Guild Wars 2, with it's large open vistas and landscapes, and this image is just one piece that looks awesome. I have quite a few more coming.

I loved the previous image I had in the header which was from Rise of the Godslayer for Age of Conan. It was a render piece for a new zone. Looked incredible. But, AoC is not on my list yet, and will not be until the expansion. Let me tell you why.

The family made this choice for one major reason. We wish to start over. But, as a family, we have played through the intro several times, and are quite familiar with the Tortage experience. We figure if we wish to do it again, we want a new place to go to when we are done. Khitai, part of the new expansion, will fit the bill perfectly. As well, the intro zone will be new and fresh after a long hiatus, so we should have quite a bit of fun.

For now, we are learning and discovering Factions for Guild Wars. Our classes are still slightly weak in my experience, but learning to use what we have is a study in patience. I am already on my 4th do-over for skill layouts.
As for the others, my wife just loves her Mesmer. I am interested in how she is playing it, and will get to see that more as I move my Ritualist into a "healer" type role. I will be babysitting the players and will get to see what skills are being used more.
As for my son, he finally found the major issue with the Assassin. This class is powerful, but also quite weak in aspects of armor. Seeing the class is always in the front line, he also met his fate a multitude of times. We do not have a main tank class, so yes, he is getting ripped apart and dying....a lot. He was almost ready to throw in the towel (again).

But, it will take time for all of us to learn the aspects of these different classes and learn how to best mesh them together. I do not want to get to max level and then be done again, as I just do not feel like starting over again. I hope we find the right place to be.

So, it looks like the basis of todays post is starting again. As I have started blogging again, I also have redone the header, for a fresh start. Hmm. Is Spring around the corner?



Longasc said...

"Flashing Blades" a long duration 75% melee block skill can help, but I am afraid before your son gets access to some of the armor enhancing Nightfall skills, the armor issue of the Sin cannot really be solved. The odd thing is that Cantha's design is really screaming "Necromancer heaven", they probably use the corpses of young Assassins forced to face the Afflicted as well. ;)

Openedge1 said...

That is too funny. The reason? My wife AND son both took Necro as Secondaries. Necros LOVE Factions.
But, I agree that the skills available in Factions are pretty blah compared to Nightfall. Especially when you get access to so many of them earlier on in the game.
Guess we just have to survive until the mainland and head to Nightfall to get our Heroes and skills...then life will take a full 180.