Saturday, February 7, 2009

Adventures in music

Today I spent some time uploading the material I have been working on in my studio.
Strictly instrumentals, using various tools, including an Ibanez RG Tremelo guitar and Bass, Roland DS6 electronic drumkit, Acid Music and Sonic Foundry software, with a Bluegears 7.1 DD sound card, you have some Openedge music.
(some loading issues are occurring, please bear with me)
Below are some MP3's I have to share.

Red Running - Openedge Music

Ambient Supplication - Openedge Music

(Had to delete some problematic songs, so please watch the at the top for more tunes..)

More soon! Please let me know your thoughts!


brenda said...

I am loving this stuff. Might just have to have them on my playlist for awhile :)

Openedge1 said...

Aww thanks...too kind.
I may need to find a new player system though, because the site to upload to has a player that breaks the page layout in IE and Chrome...(or maybe it is my browser...unusre)

Now, all I need is a vocalist eh?....surely not, and the wife is tone deaf...haha

Scott said...

Vocals? Nah, only if the song was written with vocals in mind. I love the ambiance of those as-is.

Get 'em tagged and posted somewhere for more public consumption!

I'm envious... I haven't written music since I was divorced 8 years ago and my guitars, etc. *cough* disappeared *cough*