Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Age of Conan - Mythic beats Funcom to the punch

And this is not good at all.

Out of the veritable dry spell of MMO's last year, 2 games launched with a chance of success. They both, instead, fell down and went "Yuck!".

Age of Conan and Warhammer Online.

Recently though, Funcom had been making strides to try and get AoC going, as WAR took some blows, lost customers, and was starting to feel the downward spiral effect.
But, the recent patch has not done wonders for AoC, as more bugs presented themselves. Great content, great fixes, but, along with more issues...

Now, the final nail is about to be set.

Mythic introduces a very limited, but available trial offer.

Basically this will help fill up some empty servers, make starting areas look busy, and well, gives those who did not want to pay full box price a chance to see if they would like to.

And AoC? well...after leaving Testlive and seeing that DX10 is still a bust, and little bugs get left behind in fix up patches on the main really is becoming apparent that Funcom really does not have a grasp of this situation.

I hope Funcom comes to the realization that they need to get some type of trial going, or else, they can really say goodbye to the future of this game.

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