Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Darkfall - A vision of fail

I do not care how many times someone spouts "Indie" developer or "Sandbox" game. I cannot force myself to play in something like this.

Anyways, today the NDA was lifted for Darkfall, and there is a release date. With that, one guild released a nice little video to show just how ugly this game still looks.
This is not 1997. Darkfall would have been great at that time...but now, this is pitiful.


Rory said...

WTF! Rofl! That's... that's bad. Oh my word.

brenda said...

People can no longer criticize EQ's character graphics.

Wow, that brings me back. Really does.

But then, I loved EQ despite its graphics, so does it really matter?

Pablo Rios said...

You are misinformed. As stated by the person who recorded this, he had to set everything to low quality graphics in order to record. Now, if you go to youtube, you will find a nice selection of videos that have been uploaded throughout the day and past week showing just how beautiful this game is. Also several other reviews state the the world is actually quite impressive looking. Lame blog.

Rory said...

Sorry but that's low quality? That's shocking at low quality. There's low and there's... that... the weapon positions? The odd colour splats when hit?

I don't remember LotrO looking that ugly though when on low and that has arguably some of the better looking landscapes around the MMO-scene.

That, as gameplay and as something to feast upon graphically is... dissapointing. Lame comment :<

jeff said...

Darkfall is taking a chance on Oblivion combat/EVE PvP mechanics working in an mmo setting. Its funny how quickly the tards are jumping on the bandwagon. And openedge seems to be the lead clown.

Openedge1 said...

Poor poor misguided MMO junkie. Just because it is a new MMO with some "hope" of being unique, still does not mean it is worth a crap.
If I see shitty looking game style and mechanics, then guess what, my blog is the best place for me to say it.
Darkfall is total crap...sorry.

jeff said...

Although I was drunk when I wrote those comments :p (sorry for tard remark - you should see what I wrote on Lum's blog : /) I just find it amazing that you would pull the 'epic fail' based off a youtube video and 1 day off NDA reviews. I doubt if you have played it yourself.

adingworld said...

Bad graphics on low setting does not mean the game is crap.

I did not see anything that would make me want to play it, but it could perhaps be a fun game for many others.