Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday tidbits

Whew...quite a scare yesterday. I am currently writing from my radiation free bunker...all of my Penthouse, Playboy and various DVD's (Buxom Beauties and Amateurs Gone Wild are worse for wear though...) are ready to go.
Hopefully this will blow over soon...

Anyways, some various tidbits.

Amatheon in Age of Conan has reached level 57, and has entered the new zone, Ymir's Pass. When I entered, the visual beauty of this section of the world, with it's autumn like leaves, and various mountain passes was exhilarating. Then a large thunderous smash shook the screen, and a loud roar could be heard. A mystery indeed.
As I travel, screenshots and stories of my adventures will be posted, so stay tuned.

More info was released yesterday on the NCSoft issues. Seems some of the jobs are being "moved" to the US offices (thank goodness). Of course, this is still bad news for the EU office, as those positions have been liquidated, and will be reborn within the US offices.
Does this mean the people leave EU and move to the US if they wish? A lot of "between the lines" wording going on here...
You can read the blurb and decipher as you like at

In case anyone even thinks about this anymore...Chronicles of Spellborns US site has been redesigned to match the EU version. Yet, they still missed their January launch date, and ZERO information has been posted for even a beta launch.
Talk about a major fubar on Acclaims part. The Historian was really off target each time he said word would come "soon".
Too sad.
I think this is the first Vaporware Launch game I have ever known about...

I plan to take the plunge and add another Horror Survival to my list of games until the launch of Resident Evil 5 (which I have played the Demo to death, and have found the best control scheme for myself).
We decided to play around with the new version of Alone in the Dark for the PC and 360 (demo). Supposedly it has some issues with how it plays in the control scheme ("Oh look Ma, another Horror Survival game with complaints about controls"), but we honestly think it is workable, and it definitely looks good, and has some really killer (giggle, pun) ways to off the various baddies. for now...but never know what today will offer in the way of discussion...



Rory said...

It's not just the US Edge. Acclaim owns the UK area also which means that when you Yankees get access/updates to things your end so do we Brits.


Anonymous said...

Picked up Alone in the Dark for £10 while I was shopping for Valentines day - I have only ever played the PS3 demo before...I don't hold much hope for it being 'great' but even 'good' would be nice for that price!