Thursday, February 26, 2009

Age of Conan - Ymirs Progeny

Just a few screenshots of my battles against Frost Giants in the Northern section of Ymir's Pass.
I have been assigned the task to investigate the capture of the Frost Father.
As noted within my quest...

Shaman Aevar, still in his trance, told me of the chaining of the Frostfather beneath the ruins of Karutonia. He told me that in order to free the Frostfather, I must destroy the magical chains that bind him. Those chains cannot be breached by mortal weapons.

In order to breach the chains, I will need the Axe of Ymir - but before I can wield it, I must prove myself worthy.

Of interest, this story line has some interesting twists of Mythology based on the Nilfhelm stories...based on Norse myth.
You can actually read a piece here...As well, the stories of the Vanir are described within this story (scroll to the bottom and check out contents to read other chapters).

Further within the confines of this frozen region is a Shaman locked in the ice.

I need to free him of this misery. It took flames to melt the ice, then I needed to destroy him to let his spirit return whence it came.

The Giants are a hardy breed, and are much more difficult to kill than normal humans. Many strikes would be dealt to these oversized grunts, before they fell...

I grow close to solving the riddle of this region and what the screams of some distant Giant mean, as the whole world shakes from his rage.

I cannot wait to see what this mystery holds.

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