Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Sixth Meme - Or...

How I learned to stop worrying and love the pic....

Ok, this was an odd affair. Many people were doing these pics in a multitude of ways. I thought to can I do it and be cool.

I failed.

I then went to my sixth folder and the sixth pic in My Photos folder. I ended up with...

From Cabal Online. This was during closed beta testing. A neat game, but of course, grindy. Had hints of Diablo mixed with a Korean MMO.

I did not last too long in that game.

So, I then tried to look at screenies of JUST MMO's. This worked out good.

I found the sixth folder of the sixth MMO screenshot folder, and got...

Perfect World Malaysia.

This screenie showed the one thing this game has that makes it fun to at least try. The flying was phenomenal. I could spend 30 minutes just flying around, and have fun. The rest of the game was awful, but it was not a visual slouch, and the airborne time was amazing.

Thanks to this meme, it also lets me reflect on something for a moment.

Each of these games are free, with RMT. They both have been running for years. They both have a high audience count on Xfire. They both prove that not all MMO's need to be buggy (they both are quite stable, and no weird issues all the time). They both prove that hype and big bucks do not equal success.

Players need to accept that maybe up and coming MMO's need to look at this market, and how players pay for their games. Developers need to look at making sure they have a game that works. And maybe they do not need to put all those big bucks into development.

Anyways, thanks DMOsbon and Hudson..

Meme complete!

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Tesh said...

Spend money on development, sure, but build on a solid business model. MMOs just don't work when you chase the bleeding edge or try to take WoW's lunch. Leave the high end visuals for Crysys and Far Cry, and leave the WoW killing to Blizzard. Do that, and miraculously, the budget has a LOT more wiggle room to actually, y'know, pay for solid art direction, great writing, and a little something we call FUN.