Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday morning cold

Luckily we also were dumped on with snow lasy night. For where I live (Mountains of NC), it is a major hazard to drive in this. Since I have lived here (going on 8 or 9 years now), this is the most snow I have even seen here. Our driveway looks like my old place in Michigan was that much...

I think I will plan to dope up and go back to bed today. Head feels like it is going to explode and my nose is sore from blowing it so much...but, first some AoC this morning, and see if I revive a little.

Amatheon completed the first part of his level 60 Destiny Quest this weekend, and that was fun. I got some great screenies of the boss fight at the end, which required some finagling to complete.

Luckily I never died!!

Anyways, looks like AoC is continuing to surge thanks to patch 1.04 with some record numbers on Xfire, and packed servers. I actually could not kill some mobs in the lower zones, due to conflict with other players there...good thing we teamed up to take out the quests together.

Pretty excitied about patch 1.05 also...lots of buzz on that.

And the final bit of news...noticed that's forums for AoC is dropping off the haters radar, and less "I hate Funcom" posts are being done there. Now, whether this is due to the fact they cannot complain about anything anymore...or due to Darkfall becoming the new hater poster unknown.

Ok...that is all for now...cheers and have an Awesome Monday (ps: round two of snow is starting...woot)

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