Friday, March 13, 2009

Tough Weekend for Gaming

Ok...not only am I having a blast in Conan right now, Saturday the 14 is my pickup day for Resident Evil 5.
But...that is not all. Another game looms on the horizon...but, I better keep that on the straight and narrow for the time being.

Lets just say...this weekend, not only am I going to get to eat some of the best Indian food I have ever had (it is actually a "fusion" Indian, as they use certain ingredients not normally found in Indian cuisine...), but I shall reach gaming nirvana...

Oh MY!

BTW, on this Indian food thing...why can't I ever fix it to taste like the restaurants...that makes no sense to me. I follow every direction I have found, and it always is YUCK...must be some secret they do NOT tell..

Anyways. have a good weekend folks.


Jason said...

Are you using equal parts dog and cat? That's probably your problem right there.

Yeah. I'm gonna burn for that one...flame away. :P

Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive who likes to sign his comments because it makes them 10x more valid)

Openedge1 said...

Wrong Country man!!


I think it was actually the beaver I used!