Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quick tidbits

First off...Never ask a waitress to repeat an order if they are not writing it matter how much food there is.
Now, I am unaware of proper etiquette in this situation, but really, it was a simple request, asked with a smile.

Went down like this.

Ordered a LOT of items on the menu at our favorite Indian Restaurant. What we usually do is have leftovers for lunch, plus we get to try a variety of flavors.
As I said the last item for our order, I looked up, smiled, and half jokingly said "Want to say that back?".
She looked at me as she was taking the menus and seemed to smirk and said "No. I think I got it."
The No had the slight pause as the sentence was ended. And then she said the rest. It made me embarrased and forced me to look away at that point as I could feel my face flush.
After that, we were pretty much ignored unless we forced her to come to our table.
She served me unsweet tea when I asked for sweet. I received my dish, a Goat Curry, full of bones and even bones in the actual sauce which I bit on and almost broke a tooth.
This was probably the worst service I have ever received at this restaurant...and we go there regularly.
She even had the gall to ask me if the plate full of bones and fat from my dish was "Ready to be packed up".
I pretty much let the wife do the rest of the talking that evening, and then let the wife decide the tip.

I believe it was 3%.

I wanted to gank her ass!

Now honestly. Did I deserve such treatment? Should I have really not "hurt her feelings" by asking her to repeat my order?

Moving on, we also picked up Resident Evil 5. Talk about a winner. They have taken the genre to a new level with the action gameplay. The stress is terrifying as you cannot pause to deal with inventory, and the tight spaces of the village you are in, make you always aware of what is behind you.
Another bonus item is the game runs in 1080P if you have the Xbox set that way (I do...hehe). Talk about detail and gorgeous visuals.
More on this as I progress.

I need to say this. You get what you pay for.
I also decided to invest in a new keyboard and mouse yesterday, as the set I was using seemed flaky (and the keyboard has an issue with dark letters on the black keys that when the lights are low in the living room, it is hard to type with).
I paid $100 bucks for the Microsoft Wireless 6000 V3.
The feel of the keys is nice. The tactile response is incredible. The placement of keys thanks to the slight ergonomic layout (not the horrendous split keyboard which just feels wrong) makes for less mistakes. And the mouse has a great comfort, with the thumbrest, and hand placement.
NO doubt, if you want good quality for a keyboard and mouse, pay the money.

Ok, I am off for more Conan. I forked that cash over and now have another two months of gameplay. I figure this is the first time I have ever come so close to hitting max in a game, and I am not bored and having a blast, so it is time to rock on.
I do have to state that I was accepted into the Chronicles of Spellborn beta, and as you can see from my above statement, it is not exactly what I envisioned.
I will post more on that soon.

Cheers folks.


Scott said...

In a past life (heh) I worked in a restaurant. That situation is always a sticky one. The ability to get a full order by memory is a sign of a good server but as a customer (especially if you're not one of her/his regulars) do you go with it or take the risk they got something wrong? If you ask to repeat the order, some of them take offense to that like asking a fat chick when the baby's due...

One of the gals I worked with back in the day had an incredible memory and was very professional. She had Michael Douglas and a group one day and in front of everyone told her "you know, no one's impressed if you memorize our order, you may as well just write it down, you're *only* a waitress."

One very important tip is that if the restaurant is really, really busy: do NOT send your food back to the cooks for minor tweakage. You don't know what you'll be getting back. Or so I've heard... *coughs and whistles innocently*

Jason said...

In those situations, I love to tell the waiter/waitress that I'll take a "no tip beer" when they get a chance.

The reaction is priceless.

Jason (resident drunken idiot of Channel Massive who likes to sign his comments because it makes them 10x more valid)

Anonymous said...

Goat Curry eh? Something I have yet to try...surely there should be no bones at all in curried meat.

I hadn't planned to get RE 5 but as I have had a small & totally unepected work bonus I plumpt for a 360 copy - have you tried co-op yet?

Openedge1 said...

Agreed. No bones in a sauce based food, as you believe the meat will be cut up and tossed in.
It is like leaving the tails on Shrimp in a soup base...
The fact the bones were broken up in the sauce also was disconcerting.
What if I would have swallowed it?

As to RE5, yes, I tried co-op online in the demo. It was quite interesting. Did it with my son, and had someone randomly join me also.
Was wild.
Gotta pay attention though. I got my partner killed too many