Monday, March 23, 2009

Age of Conan - Retaining players a good sign

Hey all...
Has been a while, but I have a few posts I want to put in this week, so be prepared for a small flurry of AoC activity.

First up just a quick update, as I was posting over on the MMORPG forums, I went back into my archives to track how AoC has been doing on Xfire.
I will not go into too much detail, but lets put it this way.
October seemed to be the last peak time (in 2008) for AoC before the 6 month backlash started (those who signed up, played Tortage and then were stuck with 6 months even though they did not want to play anymore).
Gaute had finally left the development of the game to Funcom and in Craig's able hands.

But, the damage had already been done.

October of 2008 had seen about 1500 players online at it's busiest.
In November this number dropped to the low 1000+s. Never getting higher than 1100.

December continued this trend.

In January a rebound took place. But, lets get to the goods.
How does March look for AoC now, and how far has the game rebounded?

Consistently the game seems to be peaking at 1700 on Sundays. Not too bad.
They still have a ways to go. But, the critical issues of the game are being handled quite well, and the game is more fun than it has ever been.

I have some great new screens of the two most played characters for me...Amatheon my Dark Templar who is level 66 now and Ethalos my Tempest of Set who hit 38 this weekend.
I did some awesome dungeon runs with Ethalos, and hope to post those pics soon.

Anyways, a little side note...Resident Evil 5 is the schiz...I love it. And AoC really has become my number one MMO. Exciting stuff.

Hope everyone is having fun...and will talk more soon!



Hudson said...

I re-upped on the Wicca server and got 4 classes to level 6 back to back to see what I liked.

So far the Priest of Mitra and the Dark Templar seem to be working, but I also have an assasin and a ranger. Not too big on the rangers really.

Openedge1 said...

I have a Ranger and I am oh so on them... they seem to be the most "boring" of the classes.
The spellcasters start out that way, but once you leave Tortage, you really have to babysit them, and try to be careful...making them fun to play.
Dark Templar is still my favorite. They start out being difficult, but become awesome to play with.
Glad to hear you are stepping outside your realm and trying something different.
Never hurts to investigate


Anonymous said...

I have been playing a few characters on and off now and I quite enjoy it.

Originally I planned to level one character for each region and only in that region. But it seems that content is not quite enough to just stick in one region.

So right now I am down to two characters I continue to play and may possible go with just one. But I have difficulty deciding between Bear Shaman and Dark Templar (my 2 choices), they are both quite enjoyable.