Monday, March 9, 2009

Break time

Well, I guess it is time to say goodbye for a while.

I just have not "felt it" lately. I will leave the site up for now, and may come back and post. For the time being, I just feel lethargic.
Thanks to the economy, and having to redirect some of my resources for a while, this puts a damper on my time as well as the "meh" I feel.
I think peoples feelings about the games I play also may have to do with the "quiet" I see on this blog, thus I feel no need to put too much effort into writing those posts anymore.
I think I may throw up a slideshow later that will have some of my screenies and their captions for Age of Conan, so that should cover my discussion of such a good game.

It definitely deserves more attention in my opinion..

When I look at my traffic, I see the most interest generated was by my posts about Darkfall, and I am assured...not in a good way. And this really is the crux.
With the future of MMO's being a bland prospect (and this is what started me on blogging), I guess I do not feel like discussing such upcoming crap.
Resident Evil 5 hits this week, and that will take up some time, and I do not think I need to discuss that here either.

So, time to let this sit.

I guess this will always be the Dichotomy of the Gamer.


James said...

Yours has pretty much been the site I come to for my AoC at a distance fix. Hope things turn around for you, I know that 'meh' feeling all too well.

Scott said...

Like I've said here and on other blogs, just write about what you want when you want.

Way before I had my current blog, I had a tech site with way more traffic than I get now and I felt pressured to write every day, as if I "owed" the readers something. You'll notice I don't do that with the gaming blog, it just leads to bitterness and burnout.

Even if I don't comment, I check your RSS feed and often click some of the posts to see if there is a conversation or not. Chances are you have plenty of daily lurkers like myself who enjoy reading even if we end up not participating in every single thread.

Tesh said...

Here's hoping things go well for you, mate! I'll probably link to your "Age of No Concern" article here in a bit. :)
Don't sweat the blog. Live life. Good luck with it!

Hudson said...

There isn't much to write about right now to be honest, and especially not Darkfall. Can't say I don't blame you.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog regularly and enjoy the posts. But you should only write if you feel the "urge" to do that.

Personally I feel much more positive about MMOs for 2009 than I did for 2008, although I do not think there will be any titles that will aspire to become the new #2 in the market.

Red Headed Tim said...

I agree that you should only post if you feel like it, but blogger is free, so please keep the site up. Myself, I've been a lurker in that I've been reading you via rss and checking on weekends to see screenies. Looking forward to any you have left to post. And FWIW, I care about Conan posts, haven't looked at any Darkfall links (though I read the posts). Personal stuff and/or personal insight on life in general are always welcome. Your blog helped get me into Conan once I saw that I could level without doing the Destiny quests and exit the island on my own.

Whatever life leads you to, I hope it finds you well friend.

Crimson Starfire said...

I often take breaks from blogging, I just don't tell anyone... he he ;)

Just post when you feel like it, even if it means going silent for a few weeks. I find it works best...
although, I must admit it helps to have a second author on the site...

Enjoy the break.