Friday, March 13, 2009

Age of Conan - Week ending report

Well, so far, I have enjoyed my hiatus. I am using several tools to track my thoughts during the week, and that is working for me.

I guess I have been twitterized!

But, tody deserved more than a 140 character post.

I have hit level 65 with Amatheon this week. I also have been playing a bit with my Tempest of Set, who is now level 32...

Whats this you say? That is right.

I dropped one character, the Necro. This class proved to be quite annoying to me.
First, each time I logged in, I was forced to summon all of my pets, no matter if they were summoned when I was logged off. Annoyance.
Second, due to my power being...uh...over-powered, I would ALWAYS pull aggro, and death was imminent.

So, now, we have Ethalos.

Level 32 Tempest, which is also a "heal" class. I felt this rounded out my group of classings a little better by having a melee, a heal and a ranged class.
Each still is from a specific region also.

Right now Ethalos is in the Conalls Valley quest line. This is one of the unique areas for level 30, as the quests are all "forced" grouping vs Ymirrish hordes. This gives me a chance to test the grouping with heal mechanics.
The whole region within the mountains of Conalls is infested with elite Giantish mobs, so death can be swift (3 hits and I am dead solo...uh, not that I tried, I DID...!! wahh)

Anyways, hopefully I will report more on this at a later time.

I plan to resub now that my time card is up. I found a place with some decent deals on the cards, and will do that again. This also gets rid of an issue in the US where the price is elevated due to some foreign currency fee if using a Credit Card.
The time cards are good for 2 months. This should allow me time to see how patch 1.05 progresses. A major patch with Gear and stat changes and a new level 70+ zone for Amatheon.

This weekend is also Resident Evil 5 Weekend!! Woot.

Take care everyone and have a good weekend.

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