Monday, March 23, 2009

Age of Conan - And DX10 Enters Live

Albeit in a test form...

As reported on the forums...

"Ok folks, let me head off the 'Is it ready?' debate, before it begins. There will be a version of DX10 more publicly available with the update tomorrow, but not quite in the way you think (testing permitting, I am in San Francisco for GDC so a little remote from the progress today, but I'll assume we are pressing on with the update tomorrow)

The update will make a test version of DX10 available to the live servers. This version is not final, but we wanted to release it to more players outside of the public test servers so that we can get data from a wider range of software and hardware configurations. This release will run smoothly on most, if not all, top-end video cards and we will be continuing to tune it through this last testing phase to allow more DX10 capable cards to experience the new effects and settings.

So it is coming to live, but will be clearly labeled as a test version, there is some additional work required but we wanted to get some more test data before considering it done. While a little unorthodox I know, we felt it was the best way forward to get better testing but at the same time start to let people enjoy it."

Good news and the first step toward 1.05 and re-itemization.


EDIT: Well, the update was delayed due to a last minute snag...BUGGER!

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