Thursday, March 5, 2009

Age of Conan - My Destiny

Having completed the next step in the main quest lines, I was destined to meet with the king known as Conan.

My journey was arduous, as first I needed to track my way deep into a set of caves...a maze if you will, to track down the final piece of the Phoenix Medallion.
The Medallion has been to key to a tattoo I wear upon my chest, which is also a piece of a God. If I can gather the pieces of the Medallion, I will be released from the prison the God holds over me.

A Lich controls the final shard, and my battle is intense. First I must take out his minions. They prove to be of no consequence.
Once I am able to attack the main leader directly, he fights with those who have died here before..he uses the blood of his undead army to coat him, to keep him alive, even if he is dead!
I learn the way in which he uses their souls, and thus, I garner a plan to release their bodies of the hellish fiends power, and then I am able to tackle the Lich directly.

Upon his defeat, the spell over the final piece of the medallion is released. I must now take it to the Rock of Crom and place the medallion to be free.

This is where my fate is decided. It seems it has come to Thoth Amon's attention that I was looking to release something that is considered a dire enemy of his.

He takes my life as easy as candy from a child.

The God I have unleashed does not leave me to this fate. Using his last breath, he reanimates my dead shell. Making me immortal it seems in the process.

My Destiny was not to die this day.

Having committed to this path, I must do everything in my power to hunt down Thoth Amon and his minions, with all the strength I can muster. His death is paramount to the safety of Hyboria!
It is at this time that the King has taken note of me, as Kalanthes (the man who rescued me from my fate at the beginning of this journey) has spoken of my future.

The King has watched me for sometime, and has duties for me to perform as he gathers his armies to strike at the head of such a vile serpent as Thoth Amon.

My work is not yet complete, and I must weigh the consequences of what has happened. I only hope that my future will be one of victory and honor.

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