Sunday, March 8, 2009

Age of No Concern

An interesting thing today.

I was playing with one of my alts, who is not in a guild yet in AoC. I saw an advertisement for the "Old South Adventurers" guild.
Living in North Carolina, I of course thought this was interesting.

Sure enough it was a player from Louisiana.

Anyways, we started talking, and he discussed how he had a mature guild, and that his older games were EQ, EQ2, EvE, etc.
I was fascinated by such an eclectic list of MMO's. So, I asked how old he was..

He said he was retired, and is 70 years old.

Age really does not matter in this genre anymore...does it?

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Oakstout said...

A friend of mines day is retired and in his late 60's and he's been playing Planetfall and FP shooters for years and he is still very competitive. lol

So it doesn't surprise me at all.