Friday, February 6, 2009

Age Of Conan - Here comes the comes the..

Thats right...sing along with me..
Trying to finish up my work, I took a break to dip into the AoC forums, and got some major news...

Patch 1.4 in about 2 weeks.

1.4 is a MAJOR addition, as high level raids (two) will be added. As well, a new wing to a major location, The Black Ring Citadel. This is the home of Thoth-Amon, considered Conan's fiercest enemy.
A level 43 dungeon will be added (which will fill out group content for the 40's) along with these major additions.

More fixes are to be included in this patch, including class updates for all, and fixes to the UI for feedback for players...and of course, more stability fixes.

My only concern is DX10, which is still not ready...but I seem to have forgotten about that feature in all the fun.

Future discussions are already underway thanks to the survey I mentioned in my last post, that, of all things, housing could actually be added in the Guild Cities.

AoC is directly looking at it's PvE crowd here, and that is a good move in my opinion. I hope this roll continues.

Off for now...1 hour left to work out my research...


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