Friday, July 24, 2009

Age of Conan - Calm before the storm - Redux

Ok, just an update on this issue.

As I discussed yesterday, a ban was done on a member of a very large guild on the Set server by the name of Thotholyte.
He has been a subsciber since launch, and stuck it out through all the issues of the game.

It seems he tried to set up an event with Funcom, following the path of using the /petition system built into the game. He had approval, according to Thoth, by a GM to show up at a christening of the first Tier III city on the server. He would just be there for screenshots, not much else.

It did not go as planned, and this upset Thoth enough that he took his campaign to the forums.

He noted he was consequently banned from both the forums AND the game.

I have some confirmation on Craig Morrisons side of differences to the story as originally told. I want to share this with you so we have both sides.

"..this is simply a case of upholding the forum rules as we have to when anyone seriously misbehaves as he did, regardless of whether they are a nice guy.
..He spammed dozens of threads in a very short period, he questioned both moderation and customer service..
Secondly he has not been banned, he has been suspended"

Of note here is the fact it was a suspension. I pressed the matter further as information has been posted that he was also banned from the game.
This is not as clear as the above when the answer came to me..

"A suspension on the forums would only ever become an issue for someones game account if they harassed or were abusive to the customer service staff dealing with the suspension..
I am not aware of any in-game ban associated with a forum suspension"

This as we can see is very...informal, and not stating specifics "I am not aware of Thoth being suspended...etc."
But, as a Game Director I can understand his need to be a little cloudy. A previous example was when Craig was asked about a feature in game, and his answer was

"We will defintely look into adding that probably..."

We can see the double twist of words here, of a definite and probable...which are two totally different things.

This of course can be language barriers, and that would make perfect sense. But, the above answer on the game ban is definitely "political" in the answers nature.

He does go on to state...

"That though isn't something I personally deal with, and is between him and the community manager so can't say what happened after his suspension in that regard"

So, there is no definite. We also do not know the full story on Thoth's side.
I have been in contact with Thoth who is not following up with me, which starts to make me suspicious of his actions now.
I have been in contact with Thoth for the time I have been in the game since I came back. I have been in the guild for quite a while, and have blogged about the guild, had discussions with Thoth about his events, etc.
I never gleaned an "attitude" that would cause such a "ruckus" as this. But, of course, the text on the screen is just that.

We never know full intent.

Anyways, I wanted to make sure that we have this presented from both sides, and as much as I could I have been open and will continue to be unbiased in this particular situation.
I am hoping you are reading this Thoth and can clear up more for me...if not, then I guess we will be truly clear on who may have been at fault here.

Thanks Craig for the followup and now, back to the game (I may not like all your choices Funcom, but you have a good game need to just step up the fixes and getting things just right. I sure do wish those forums could be shut down.)


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